NAND ROM Android install comes to HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 smartphone originally came with Windows Mobile 6.5 onboard, though it was spied on a few occasions running Windows Phone 7. I would bet that there are bunches of people out there that wish they had purchased an Android device instead of Windows Mobile. If you are one of the folks that wants Android on the device and the current process to put Android on the phone aren’t working well for you, DFT has the perfect fix.

New details on PlayStation app for Android surface

We mentioned a few weeks back that an official PlayStation app was coming to Android devices (and to the iPhone). The app sounded cool, but it isn’t intended to allow players to actually play any games. The point of the app is to keep you updated with the online status of your pals and to give you information on all the games on the PlayStation platform among other things.

Broadcom outs new Android platform for mass-market smartphones

Broadcom has been around for a long time and the company is huge in the electronics market with all manner of chips and components that go inside of a vast array of electronic devices. Broadcom announced this week that it has developed a new dual-core processor platform for Android that can offer 3G HSDPA connectivity and applications processing at the same time.

600K Galaxy Tabs sold so far

The Galaxy Tab from Samsung is off to a good start as far as sales go. According to Samsung, so far it has moved 600,000 of the Android-powered tablet. The company has already stated that it plans to sell about a million of the devices this year.

4.8 Inch Clamshell Android MID Prototype by Dion

Here's a rather fat hybrid machine for you to place your eyeballs on. This machine is being worked on by Chinese brand Dion and is generally thought to be still in the prototype stage. It has no name, no number, and basically appears to be very similar to a mini notebook when closed. When open, it runs Android 2.1 and has a Samsung-sourced 4.8 inch WVGA capacitive LCD touchscreen with LED backlighting, support fo rmulti-touch, and has a full QWERTY keyboard clearly made for thumb typing. There's also a tiny 1.3MP webcam and mic for all your video calling needs.
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