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Themer hands-on: the newest launcher for Android

Themer, the popular new app/launcher, has a waitlist approaching several hundred thousand people. The promise is simple: theme your device easily, making it appear fresh on a whim. Accomplished via a link to their MyColorScreen site, which houses various themes for you to use (as well as a tool to build your own!), Themer wants to make the fussy task of theming a device as simple as looking through a picture gallery. No wonder the wait list is so long.

QuickOffice 5 gets previewed at CTIA with new sharing features

Let's be honest: office suites on touchscreen devices are never exactly ideal, but QuickOffice is about as good as it gets. The popular document creator has racked up hundreds of thousands of purchases (an impressive feat at $15 and $20), and it's being included on more and more devices straight from the manufacturer. The developers were on hand at CTIA to give Droid-Life the skinny on the upcoming version five.

Foursquare adds notification system telling when a user comments on a check-in

Foursquare has added a new feature to its Android app that is its latest attempt to move beyond check-ins alone. The new feature is a notification tray that will alert the user whenever a friend comments on their check-in. The feature looks a lot like the iPhone Facebook app to me from the screen you see here. The app also has a lot more interesting notifications that it will offer.

Netflix will work on new Evo 3D with a little work

I know that there were a bunch of Android fans out there that were waiting impatiently for Netflix to finally launch its app for Android users. Once the app hit it was welcomed, but as some found out the app only supported a limited number of handsets leaving a bunch of Android users without streaming TV and videos. If you picked up the new HTC Evo 3D, you were one of the users without official support.

Hulu Plus App starts Android roll out

I have a subscription to Hulu Plus and when I want to catch up with some of the network shows that my DVR won't hold Hulu Plus is a great thing. The service has had an app that will run on the iPhone and iPad for a long time now to let you check out Hulu Plus content. Other smartphone platforms haven't had an app though leaving users in the dark. Hulu has announced that the roll out of an Android Hulu Plus app is now going.

Maxthon Mobile 2.1.2 lands for Android with 3D skins in tow

Maxthon has announced that a new version of its mobile browser has landed for Android. The new version is Maxton Mobile 2.1.2 and it has some cool features. The new features include a new selection of skins for the browser including some with 3D floating effects that lets the user customize the device more. The browser also has a default zoon to size pages for easy viewing.
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