Andorid apps

Google Account Access Page updated

Google’s Account Access Page has been given a facelift today, bringing a better way to see which Chrome apps and Android devices are accessing your information. Often times, we download an app and don’t think twice about what it’s asking for, only to later wonder just which of our apps and services are accessing things like contacts or web search history.

Android design team talks beautiful apps in new video

One of the new tenets for Android apps is design. Not only for aesthetics, design also helps with an apps usage. Matias Duarte and his team have done a great job in redesigning Google apps, and implementing design standards moving forward. A unified approach to design leads to easier utility, and a better enjoyment of apps.

Google makes changes for Developers, offers app translation and cloud solutions

Google has rolled out a few changes for Android Developers today, and they could end up making the experience much better for everyone. By offering more cloud solutions for Developers, which allows them to focus more on designing and building great apps, Google takes a lot of the laborious tasks off their hands. Increased language support for Android apps also helps Developers reach a broader audience.

Google Opinion Rewards app offers Play Store credit for quick survey answers

Google has rolled out Opinion Rewards, an app that gives you Google Play Store credits just for being opinionated. Associated with your Google account and Wallet, Opinion Rewards was created by Google Consumer Surveys, a very simple survey creation service. The app will alert you when you’re eligible to answer surveys via a notification in your notification bar, which Google says will occur “about once a week”.
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