Amazon Kindle smartphone tipped to be free for all, off contract

The speculation around Amazon and their mobile aspirations haven't let up, and ever since the first reports of a Kindle smartphone nearly two years ago we've been waiting to see what they have planned. Well, recently we've been hearing a lot more rumors about Amazon's Kindle smartphone, but this latest one sure takes the cake. Talks of a free device, one that's completely off contract.

Amazon Appstore App of the Day celebration turns top 10 apps free

The Amazon Appstore for Android has been around for quite some time and recently had its second birthday, but in the UK today they're celebrating it's first year. As a celebration we're seeing 10 of the most popular or greatest hits from their Free App of the Day deal all set for free at once. It's an impressive sale, and they have some awesome apps you'll want to get while you can.

Amazon SNS with Mobile Push unveiled as cross-platform notification service

Amazon, through Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new push notification solution for developers. This is arriving as the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) with Mobile Push and it is described as being fast, fully managed and cross platform. And perhaps the icing on the cake for some developers, Amazon has said this can be used to send up to one million notifications per month without incurring any cost.

Amazon Kindle Fire expected with 1280 x 800 display and TI OMAP4 4470 processor

Amazon has yet to say anything in terms of when we can expect a Kindle Fire refresh, but judging from how the rumors seem to be picking up traction -- it looks like that may be coming sooner rather than later. Aside from the recent spec related rumors we have also seen Amazon lower the prices on the current line of Kindle Fire HD tablets. The focus today is on the non-HD version of the Kindle Fire and it looks like a rather complete set of specs have leaked.

Amazon Android gaming console expected in late 2013

We have seen quite a few Android game consoles introduced in recent months, however it looks like we may have at least one more arriving before the end of the year. This latest is said to be coming from Amazon and according to the details that have arrived thus far -- it should arrive in time for the 2013 holiday shopping season. If nothing else, given Amazon already has the Appstore in place, that could put them at a slight advantage over some of the competition.