Amazon reportedly launching a set-top box in March for streaming media

Will they, or won’t they? Rumors are heating up once again that Amazon is working on a set-top box for streaming digital media. Much like a Roku or Apple TV, the Amazon box is said to simply stream media from a variety of sources. Of course, we’d expect that Amazon’s library will be featured prominently.

Amazon now allows Developers to charge for HTML5 web apps

As HTML5 fast becomes the standard for more things than just websites, monetization becomes a point of interest. With Google’s important move to bring HTML5 apps in the Play Store,  the move away from a web-only existence for HTML5 is rounding into shape. While HTML5 isn’t the silver bullet, it does provide a good avenue for development, and Amazon is making their App Store an attractive avenue for Developers to potentially strike gold.

Amazon could be working on an Android console for launch this year

Whether or not you subscribe to the idea of Android in the living room, the console race is still going strong. Ouya is trying hard to build their base offering into a powerhouse, and others like MadCatz are also bringing the promise of something bigger for Android consoles. Those center on gaming, but if Amazon has their way, you’ll forget about the rest in short order.

Amazon says ‘over half’ of us shopped via mobile this season, bought 426 items per second

Amazon’s latest press release reads like a litany of sugary good feelings. One million new Prime customers, super quick Mayday response times, and a widely increased media library for all this holiday season. If that’s not enough, the online shopping juggernaut claims that Cyber Monday saw them complete transactions for 426 items per second, or 36.8 million items total.

HP Chromebook 11 availability returns with Amazon

With the charger issue being taken care of, it seems the HP Chromebook 11 is returning to an available status. Things are not at a point where the Chromebook can be considered widely available, however Amazon does have an active product listing. The retailer has the Chromebook 11 available in white with blue trim and perhaps key here, shown as a Prime eligible item and being in-stock and ready to ship.