Amazon Smartphone

Report: Amazon phone to launch in September

CNBC is reporting that Amazon does indeed have a smartphone lined up for launch, and will be announcing it this Summer. Via Twitter, they note the device will be announced in June, well ahead of a September release. Further details suggest 3D aspirations, which is something we’ve heard before from Amazon.

Amazon moving forward with ‘Project Aria’, a mid-range smartphone

We’ve long heard rumors of an Amazon smartphone. Some have the secret project pegged as multiple devices, while others make it out to be little more than a mid-range device solely for Prime members. A new report is re-kindling the rumors of a Kindle-esque smartphone from Amazon, leading many to believe it’s coming sooner than we think.

Amazon phone could be limited to Prime members

Bloomberg is reporting that those rumored HTC Amazon devices we’ve heard so much about lately may come with heavy strings attached. The news agency is saying that the devices (plural) could be sold to Prime members only. It may sound limiting, but could be a winning strategy for Amazon moving forward.