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Amazon sending out press invites, I sense an Android tablet

Just hitting the wires this morning is the long awaited press invite from Amazon. In what appears to be nothing but an invite and a tease for an upcoming press conference being held by Amazon we can only expect this to be the long awaited and much rumored Android Kindle Tablet.

PBA Bowling 2 Amazon Free App of the Day

Amazon is at it again and today the FREE App of the Day is PBA Bowling 2. For all you bowling fans or people that just want to throw some balls down a lane Amazon has you covered yet again. Usually priced at $2.99 being the freebie for today is a nice treat. Great graphics and some pretty neat physics when you get that ball rolling fast enough it is worth the download that is for sure.

Angry Birds RIO Update on Android Market by Friday

The cards are tossed, Rovio's released their newest update for their RIO expansion of the Angry Birds franchise, and customers only willing to use the Android Marketplace are digging their fingernails into their kneecaps waiting for it to be out for them. Turns out they'll only be waiting a couple more days is Rovio ain't lyin - at the end of Friday at the latest. Meanwhile everyone else in the world on both Android and iOS are enjoying the fruits of their beaches.

Amazon Coyote and Hollywood Tablets on the Docket

Word is that Amazon is prepping not one, but two new tablets to be released inside 2011. The first is a dual-core tablet by the name of "Coyote" and the second is a quad-core tablet by the name of "Hollywood." This information comes via tipster to Boy Genius Report, and besides the basics, (names and processor possibilities,) not a whole lot more is known. They're probably going to be wild and crazy though, as without the need for the Android Market, Amazon will be able to do whatever they like to the Android system placed on their devices - that means no requirements for any pre-loaded apps, for example.

Android App Downloads pass 3 Billion

In it's first quarter 2011 earnings call, Google let it be known that over three billion apps have been downloaded from the Android Market since it opened. The tally reflects a 50% increase in Android app downloads since the last quarter of 2010. Google didn't go into details over what apps had been downloaded multiple times, meaning that the tally could be reflecting a percentage of apps that have been re-downloaded to replace and app that had been deleted. But even with that possibility, it's still an impressive tall.

Amazon’s Free App of the Day: Pew Pew 2

I may be dating myself here, but I remember back "in the day" when video games had vector graphics. Cool colorful wire-frame drawings were the cutting edge on games like Asteroids, Battlezone, and Tempest ate many a quarter out of my pocket. So, the nostalgia of Amazon's Free App of the day today really takes me back with Pew Pew 2. Complete with Arcade style design, Pew Pew 2 offers a great retro look with seven different game modes, all in one mobile package.

GameLoft to distribute games through Amazon [Updated]

GameLoft has announced that they've hitched their wagon to the Amazon AppStore for Android and will be distributing their games. Citing security and piracy concerns, GameLoft stated that they want their users to be confident that the games they download aren't being co-opted with malware, which has afflicted the Android Marketplace lately. Additionally, GameLoft stated DRM as another reason to go with Amazon as a distribution partner. Considering that Amazon will be putting strict controls and must approve every app for listing is a compelling and attractive reason, but let's not forget the large pond that Amazon enjoys. Although not as large as the Android Marketplace, the online portal has launched with over 3,800 titles out of the box, its one-click eco system makes purchasing apps both secure and easy.