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Amazon patent filing suggests used eBook sales are coming

A recent Amazon patent filing suggests that the company is working on a method that will allow you to sell your used ebook. And while that may seem a bit silly to use the term used in reference to something digital, this could have some perks for those who tend to read a book only once. The catch here, this is simply a patent approval and Amazon has yet to actually announce anything.

Amazon Kindle Fire Q and A with PR Rep

While taking a close look at the Kindle Fire this week in New York City at the big Amazon event, we got several different perspectives on the brand new cloud-heavy elementally-named tablet. What you're going to find is that, like all presentations of products at events such as these, there is a bit more detail in wings that, while the group presenting the device doesn't mean to hide, simply isn't as relevant to the general public, and is therefor not revealed unless someone specifically asks. That's where Vince (behind the camera in this case) comes in.

Amazon announcing the Kindle “Fire” tablet tomorrow, We’ll be there live

Last week Amazon sent out invitations for a media event scheduled for Wednesday, September 28th, and that is tomorrow. We have heard tons of rumors regarding the Amazon Android tablet and it appears we'll be seeing just that come tomorrow. The name being tossed around is "Kindle Fire" and it will be a 7" tablet heavily skinned to look nothing like Android, more details below.

Amazon Leaks Names for Kindle Air, Wave, Earth, Water, Scribe

So we're thinking either the Wave and the Water are still in contention for the aquatic-based tablet of the future and/or they've decided to add a pen tool to the product instead of setting it aflame. Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and… Heart… are the basic elements as far as ancient storytelling goes, and if Kindle's collection of domain names continues as it has been, the likelihood of what we're assuming will be an another Android-based Kindle named after these earthly basics increases day by day. As you'll note over on our sister site SlashGear, we've been following this collection for a short while now. Kindle time approaching?

The Amazon Tablet is a rumor that refuses to die

DigiTimes is reporting that Taiwan based Quanta Computer has received a monthly order from Amazon for up to 800,000 tablet PCs at peak production. The tablets are expected to ship in the second half of 2011, making an Amazon Tablet ready to hit the market just in time for the holidays. Quanta is no stranger to tablets, being an OEM partner for both RIM and Sony. So, is it a credible rumor? Well, the touch screens are expected to be made by E Ink Holdings, which provides the screens on the Kindle. They use an electrophoretic display supported by Fringe Field Switching technology, which is just a fancy way of saying they've got great color gamut and bright, bold colors, according to Wiki.

Amazon tablet rumors persist

With the launch of the Amazon Appstore for Android, rumors are beginning to mount to the book seller may be developing their own tablet. And the rumor is being pushed by consumer product analysts, not just bloggers connecting the dots. Both Forrester and Business insiders believe that with Amazon's one-click service and vast distribution capability, it could build on what they've learned with the Kindle and evolve to a tablet design. And considering that they could eliminate the middle man, Amazon could offer a solid Android tablet for less.

Kindle to move to Android? [Rumor]

There's talk going around that Amazon may be looking to take completely redesign the Kindle platform and base it on the Android OS. According to posts in the New York Times Blog, Amazon is looking for Android developers for "Lab 126" which is Amazon's Kindle development unit. That would make for a very interesting development and may signal Amazon's concern that the NOOKColor is suddenly very popular with Android geeks looking for an affordable tablet option. There's also the fact that with Amazon's Android App Store that the book seller may simply be looking to evolve the Kindle to take advantage of Android apps they sell.
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