Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire HD discounted for Father’s Day

Similar to what we saw for Mother's Day, Amazon has begun offering a discount on the Kindle Fire HD lineup for Father's Day. The discount applies to the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch as well as the HD 8.9-inch and 8.9-inch 4G models. Regardless of the model you choose the discount and how to get it remains the same. Basically, those purchasing any Kindle Fire HD can save $20 by entering "DADSFIRE" during the checkout process.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Appstore availability expands

Amazon will soon be expanding the availability of the Kindle Fire HD 7 and the HD 8.9. According to details coming from Amazon, the tablets are now available for customers in more than 170 countries around the world. Pre-orders will begin today and the devices are expected to begin shipping on June 13.

Amazon Coins roll-out as virtual currency for Kindle Fire users

Amazon has launched some virtual currency this morning. The currency is called Amazon Coins and they were originally announced back in early-February. The Amazon Coins will be used by Kindle Fire users and to get things started, Amazon will be giving users 500 free Coins. Of course, there are options to buy additional Coins. Plus we should also mention that Kindle Fire users will not be required to use these Coins.

Xbox SmartGlass update adds Kindle Fire support

Microsoft has announced the immediate availability of the Xbox SmartGlass app for the Kindle Fire. The app is available by way of the Amazon Appstore and brings compatibility for Android 4.0 or later. Basically, that is to say the Xbox SmartGlass is available for the newer model Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. Unfortunately, this means those with a first-generation Kindle Fire will be left out as that model is still running a build based on Android 2.3.

Amazon Kindle Fire not coming in $99 version

There have been rumors circulating the internet this morning about a potential $99 Amazon Kindle Fire. While that would have been an amazing feat for Amazon to pull off, unfortunately those rumors have been debunked. Amazon has even stated in the past that it does not generate any profit when it sells a Kindle Fire tablet, so it's highly unlikely that the company would be able to sell the tablet at half the price (yet).

Amazon drops Kindle Fire HD 8.9 pricing, also launches in Europe and Japan

It looks like Amazon has a bit of good news for those who had been considering, but have yet to follow through on the purchase of a Kindle Fire HD 8.9. Basically, Amazon has announced some additional availability and also lowered the pricing. The tablet is now available in Japan as well as for those in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Perhaps key for those here in the US though, the price cut.

Amazon Kindle smartphone coming in June as rumors fire back up

With new rumors floating around the Facebook will be attempting to make another Facebook phone, we're now seeing a few reports surface about the often-rumored Amazon Kindle smartphone. Apparently the phone is real, coming soon, but facing some delays and won't be here as soon as Amazon was hoping. The release date was scheduled for Q2 of this year, but a few issues will see the handset delayed until further notice.
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