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Amazon AppStore updates to v1.14 with fixes and New two step purchase method

Early this morning I got an update for the Amazon AppStore on my device and it seems they've added a few updates worth noting. Mainly some bug fixes and things of that sort, but they have also implemented a new two-step purchase method where you must click twice. This should avoid accidental purchases for those unlucky enough to have done it by mistake. We didn't hear anything regarding this til now, but it was a nice surprise.

SoundHound creators offer new app called Hound

The developer behind the app SoundHound app that we wrote about last in December 2010 has announced a new app for Android users. The new app is called simply Hound and is a voice search app for music. Users of the full version of the SoundHound app on the Android Market have noted in the reviews for Hound that the full version of SoundHound already has voice search. This is apparently aimed at people that don’t want to spend the $4.99 on the full version, but want voice search.

Amazon Free App of the Day Reminder [App Mini Review]

Brilliant, is what I am calling this simplistic little application. Developer cody_04l is one of the thousands of users of the Amazon Appstore across the nation and also a fellow who tries his best to remember that the appstore has a free app deal every single day. Sadly, noone can remember everything, thusly Cody created an app to help: the Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier. We gave it a shot and tested it out and guess what? It works like a charm.

AT&T 3rd Party App Installation Activation Official

It appears that AT&T have listened to the millions and billions of cries from the republic to take the hold off the option to sideload apps. Up until now, AT&T phones running Android were not allowed the same option that other carriers kept available, that being the ability to install applications from sources other than the Android Market. All that changed, it seems, when the Infuse 4G was released into the wild less than a month ago. It's been confirmed here by a mail that's being sent out to AT&T developers saying that this change will be standard through the future.

Android Community 101: Amazon Appstore

So you got yourself a brand new Android device and it's time to take it for a spin. You've got a couple of apps pre-loaded but you want to see what everyone else is messing around with. You want some bird-related games, some scanners of codes, some live cameras watchers and whatnot - where do you go? You might go to the Android Market if it's loaded on your device, Google's official store for apps, or you might consider going to Amazon, that online sales giant that you've grown to trust after purchasing 10 billion CDs in the early 2000's - they've got an App Store too? Yes they DO have an app store - want to know more? [Amazon Appstore] Android Community 101 the re rescue!

7digital for Android, Now With MP3 Downloads

7digital has launched a new version of its Android App today, which allows you to download music to your device. Previously, you needed to download music on your computer, and then sync your device, but now you can purchase music directly from your Android, as well as accessing any tracks you previously purchased with no need to connect.

Angry Birds RIO gets an update next week

Rovio has reported on their Facebook page that Angry Birds RIO is getting an update this week. The update, whatever comes after "Jungle Escape," will unlock some sweet new features including "marmoset mauling action" and it'll have many "juicy secrets" to discover. The update is being released a little later than expected, much to the chagrin of gamers who have been chomping at the bit and complaining about it's slipped release date. But they can rejoice that it will be followed by three more chapters of the Angry Birds Rio game to be released on or about July, October, and November of 2011.

Droid Incredible blowing out for a Penny at Amazon

Amazon is blowing out their inventory of HTC Droid Incredible phones for .01 with a two year deal. The sale is obviously to make some room since, as we reported today, the Droid Incredible 2 will be hitting the portal on Thursday. Now sure, users looking for a new phone may not mind laying out $199 for the latest Incredible 2. But considering it's essentially using the same processor and comes with a $25 app credit from Amazon, how can you complain?
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