Amazon Appstore

Amazon updates Android Appstore interface

Amazon has updated their Android Appstore to reflect their recent OS changes, bringing the darker theme and Mojito UI in. It still doesn’t follow the newer Android UI or design standards, but that’s not the point for Amazon. Like the rest of what they use Android for, Amazon has made it their own.

Vine makes entry into the Amazon Appstore

Vine pumped out a few app updates since we saw video come to Instagram and it looks like the app is now going after another group of users. This latest Vine related news hasn't brought any mention of new features but instead the app is now available for those sporting a Kindle Fire. Simply put, the Vine app has made entry into the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon login service launches as alternative to Google and Facebook

Amazon has announced the latest single sign-on service this morning. The service will be launching as "Login with Amazon" and it will be serving as another alternative to the similar services being offered by Facebook and Google. More to the point for developers though, using Amazon will allow them to tap into the 200 million active Amazon customers. And on the flip side, this will provide a secure method for users to choose.
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