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GetJar Gold Will Provide Top Android Apps Totally Free

GetJar is now going to offer GetJar Gold where users can get top android applications "appsolutely" free. Basically this will be similar to the free app of the day that Amazon has been doing but instead gold members will have a list of top Android apps each week to choose from. I can't complain about free stuff, who would right?

Fieldrunners HD Launching on Amazon and Android Market Tomorrow

The highly popular iOS game FieldRunners by Subatomic Studios is coming to Android starting tomorrow, July 7th. It was first announced sometime last week but was quickly canceled because they were having issues with the Android Market and giving a promotional period for launch. They have cleared everything up and it will be launching globally tomorrow. If you like tower defense games FieldRunners is one of the most visually stunning games of all the tower defense games available on mobile.

PBA Bowling 2 Amazon Free App of the Day

Amazon is at it again and today the FREE App of the Day is PBA Bowling 2. For all you bowling fans or people that just want to throw some balls down a lane Amazon has you covered yet again. Usually priced at $2.99 being the freebie for today is a nice treat. Great graphics and some pretty neat physics when you get that ball rolling fast enough it is worth the download that is for sure.

Yumsters App Review [Amazon Free App of the Day]

If you do decide you still love Amazon after the re-revelation from yesterday you may all have heard about, there's a free app waiting for you by the name of Yumsters. This app is a strategy game that will certainly remind you of your favorite childhood slam on the trigger game Hungry Hungry Hippos in that you're in control of these "Yumster" creatures and your goal is to make them eat all the fruit. What fruit, you might ask? Why, the fruit that's covering the gridded game board, of course. Oddities and strangeness abound!

Office Jerk Review [Amazon Appstore Free App of the Day]

Every once in a while there's a game that gets released to the market that's so simple that you've just got to try it, so free that there's no reason not to download it, and entertaining enough to keep around for second or even third plays. This is one of those times, this is one of those games. This is Office Jerk and there's not just a whole lot to say about it beyond explaining which tools you get to use to cause chaos and destruction for yes, you guessed it, that jerk in the office.

Amazon App Store give Pac-Man for free today

If you are an Android smartphone user that likes to play games and has a soft spot for the retro variety, the free game on the Amazon App Store will be appealing. For today the free game of the day is the retro classic Pac-Man. I know many geeks around in the 80's cut their gaming teeth on that arcade game. The only downside to me with this game is that the virtual joystick isn't my favorite control method. Typically, this game sells for 99 cents and what you are getting for free is the full version of the game, not some limited version. If you don’t like the virtual joystick, you can swap it to the flick mode. I hate the flick mode even more though; our pal Pac-Man never seems the change direction when I want him to using that control method. Apparently, the trick is to flick just before the turn you want to make. Go download this game right now and save yourself a buck to put towards something else. [via Gottabemobile]

Plants VS Zombies Review [Amazon App Store Free App of the Day]

Well would you look at that? Plants vs Zombies is out! It's been on Apple's iOS for what seems like forever and it's finally lumbered its undead self on over to our favorite mobile platform, Android! And, following the example of Rovio's Angry Birds RIO before it, Popcap has decided to release Plants VS Zombies on the Amazon Appstore first, it being free for the entire day today, today being May 31st, 2011. We've got a mini review of the game right here, too!

Angry Birds RIO gets an update next week

Rovio has reported on their Facebook page that Angry Birds RIO is getting an update this week. The update, whatever comes after "Jungle Escape," will unlock some sweet new features including "marmoset mauling action" and it'll have many "juicy secrets" to discover. The update is being released a little later than expected, much to the chagrin of gamers who have been chomping at the bit and complaining about it's slipped release date. But they can rejoice that it will be followed by three more chapters of the Angry Birds Rio game to be released on or about July, October, and November of 2011.
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