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Amazon App Store offering great deals for “Geek Week”

The Amazon App store isn't going anywhere anytime soon and the great ideas they have just keep getting better and better. Not only do they offer a free app of the day every single day, but now they look to be starting something called "Geek Week". It may not be every week but they are offering amazing Android apps that many power users (or geeks like myself) will find very useful all at extremely low prices.

SoundHound Infinity only $1.99 on Amazon App Store [Deal]

Occasionally when I'm not snagging one the free apps of the day from the Amazon App Store I check out the deals they have running. This week they are offering the popular music tagging service SoundHound Infinity for only $1.99 instead of the usual $4.99 price tag. The blazing fast music recognition capabilities of SoundHound make it a must have application and ever since I got it free from Amazon I've never used Shazam.

Amazon Free App of the Day: App 2 SD Pro

Today Amazon has another awesome app running for the excellent price of free. Today the Amazon "free app of the day" is App 2 SD Pro. If you have a slightly older Android device say around the Nexus One era this is the perfect application for you. When you install too many awesome games, or all three Angry Birds are taking up all that internal storage you can use this to move apps to the SD card rather than internal 512mb or whatever your specific device has.

Root Explorer Only $0.99 cents on the Amazon App Store [Deal]

You have probably read those lists or seen users suggest the top 5 android apps for a rooted user and the top of the list always contains Root Explorer. This is one of the most valuable tools you can download and I've been using it for as long as I can remember. It is $3.99 in the Android market and always has been. Today the Amazon App Store has it for $0.99 cents and this is an amazing deal and worth noting for all of our readers.

Amazon Free App of the Day: Flick Kick Football

Today Amazon is offering their usual and awesome "Free App of the Day" deal that has made them so popular as of late, although not with some developers. Today the free app is a fun and addicting game called Flick Kick Football (soccer in America). Flick Kick is a popular series from the developers Prodigy Design and they have like 4 great games available so check those all out.

GetJar Gold Will Provide Top Android Apps Totally Free

GetJar is now going to offer GetJar Gold where users can get top android applications "appsolutely" free. Basically this will be similar to the free app of the day that Amazon has been doing but instead gold members will have a list of top Android apps each week to choose from. I can't complain about free stuff, who would right?

Fieldrunners HD Launching on Amazon and Android Market Tomorrow

The highly popular iOS game FieldRunners by Subatomic Studios is coming to Android starting tomorrow, July 7th. It was first announced sometime last week but was quickly canceled because they were having issues with the Android Market and giving a promotional period for launch. They have cleared everything up and it will be launching globally tomorrow. If you like tower defense games FieldRunners is one of the most visually stunning games of all the tower defense games available on mobile.

PBA Bowling 2 Amazon Free App of the Day

Amazon is at it again and today the FREE App of the Day is PBA Bowling 2. For all you bowling fans or people that just want to throw some balls down a lane Amazon has you covered yet again. Usually priced at $2.99 being the freebie for today is a nice treat. Great graphics and some pretty neat physics when you get that ball rolling fast enough it is worth the download that is for sure.
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