Alien Dalvik

Myriad partners with Broadcom for Alien Vue Android apps on TVs

We first heard about Alien Vue, the latest project from Myriad, a few weeks ago. Unlike the alien Dalvik software which allows rudimentary virtualized Android apps on various other platforms, Alien Vue takes them to a place that could actually use an expanding app environment: televisions. Now Broadcom has partnered with the software engineering company to bring Android apps to the masses. The chip maker will be distributing hardware that will allow future TVs to run apps designed for Android code.

Myriad Alien Vue brings Android apps to TV, minus Google

So, Google TV hasn't done very well so far. But that doesn't mean that big cable providers aren't sitting up and paying attention. A bevvy of app-enabled set top boxes from Apple, Google, Roku and others are starting to seriously worry the dinosaurs of the TV industry. So why not just add apps to current receivers? Most of them are basically just low-powered computers running a locked-down Linux derivative, after all. Myriad Group, the folks behind the Alien Dalvik software that allows iOS and other platforms to run Android apps natively, have done just that.