Never miss a thing with ‘Hooks – Alerts for Everything’ app

Alert apps are needed by almost everybody I know. Personally, I need such app that can remind and tell me all the things I need to know. This 'Hooks - Alerts for Everything' can be that special app that will send custom alerts whenever you need it. The app features more than a million available alerts from over 100 channels that provide information and notifications on sports, music, video game releases, weather, and lottery results among others.

TeleNav Scout getting 3D maps and crowd-sourced alerts this year

Popular navigation and maps software provider TeleNav has just announced a few rather interesting developments for their Android and iOS apps. It looks like Telenav Scout will be getting the popular 3D mapping technology for landmarks and major cities, along with many other useful new features. If you're still looking for an alternative to Google Maps you might want to read on below.

March Madness 2012: Android Apps Round-Up

Who is ready for the best month of sports? Yup, it's March Madness time. Although the NCAA Tournament has officially kicked off already and most brackets need to already be finished, we have a few of our favorite applications for following or creating brackets, live streams and more. A couple will give you game updates, alerts, scores and even live audio streams of all 67 games so head down below to see what we liked.

Volume Rocker puts multiple sound profiles at your fingertips

Ring, vibrate, silent. Surely that covers every conceivable situation you're ever likely to need as far as sound goes, right? If you'd like a little more customization in your Android alerts, Volume Rocker is here to help. The free app includes five customizable sound profiles that can be activated at any time, just by tapping your Volume Up or Volume Down.

[ALERT] New Trojan called Hong Tou Tou lurking

One of the good things about Android is that it's open source. But on the other hand, that also means it can sometimes be the Wild West out there with exploits sneaking in under the guise of legitimate looking apps. Such is the case as Lookout's official blog has an alert for a Trojan known as "Hong Tou Tou."

Latest Adobe Flash exploit puts Android Devices at risk.

The critical zero day flaw in Adobe Flash which Adobe revealed this week has been confirmed to be able to target Android phones and devices. This is the second exploit in just a week that is currently able to infect the Android platform. So far this is proving to be a very widespread cross-platform vulnerability that is currently actively being exploited against Flash Player.

Another SMS Sending Trojan Released onto Android Devices

The latest SMS Trojan, Trojan-SMS-AndroidOS-FakePlayer-B, is now being distributed via Russian-language sites that are offering up video clips. Although it has not yet been spotted on any other sites, it could make it’s way to english based and other sites in the near future. When you visit this site on another mobile platform you receive the desired clip, however, if you are running the Android OS the trojan will download itself (with your unaware consent). This particular method of delivery implies that the people who are running and hosting these sites are in on the scam and it’s not accidental.