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Red Bull Alert app turns not snoozing into a competitive sport

If there was an Olympic sport for waking up in the morning, would you be in the Top 10 finishers among your peer group? Or would it be more like you’d win a gold medal for how many times you’ve pressed the snooze button on your device? Yes, waking up in the morning is a daily struggle for most of us, but that is why there are apps that have more creative ways into getting you up in the morning, like Red Bull Alert.

AlarmDroid: Material Design, new controls, obstacles to stop alarm

Waking up to alarm clocks is one of the most challenging things to do, especially for people who are not used to waking up early. You have to find more inventive ways to get yourself up and running, and some apps are there to help you out in this "endeavor". AlarmDroid is a simple but effective (we hope so!) of waking you up when you need to, and the latest update to the app makes things even better.

Snap Me Up is an alarm clock and selfie-keeper in one unique app

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning despite your constant alarm clock? Do you love taking selfies? Are you curious to find out what you look like first thing in the morning but you're too scared (or lazy) to look in the mirror? If you answered yes to these three questions, then you better click on over to the Google Play Store, because this new app called Snap Me Up is right up your ally.

AlarmRun scares you into actually waking up when you have to

One of the greatest and most constant challenge that every person faces, especially in this constantly evolving world, is how to actually wake up without having to press the snooze button 100x. There have been a lot of alarm apps available, where developers think of the most "creative" ways to drag you out of bed. A new app will attempt to social media shame you if you don't wake up on time. We don't know whether to kiss the developers of AlarmRun or throw real alarm clocks at them.

Wake up to your favorite music with Radio Alarm Clock

The beloved Internet sentiment "the struggle is real" is very very real for people who have a hard time waking up in the mornings (or when they're supposed to). Countless social media posts have been written about the battle between sleepy person and their alarm clock. Numerous tips and tricks have been shared on how to beat it, live with it, obey it. A new app for Android devices will help you with this struggle by letting you wake up to your choice of sounds.

Timely Alarm Clock offers a more delightful wake-up experience

How timely is the arrival of the Timely Alarm Clock. I've been looking for a more effective alarm clock because my phone's native clock and alarm always fail me. It's either the alarm doesn't work or I'm just really a heavy sleeper (more of the latter). I need one that looks not only pleasant to the eyes but something that I can synchronize with other mobile devices.

AlarmPad update adds an easier way to set alarms

Android has its own alarm app and so do many OEMs but that hasn't stopped many from making their own spin on the app. One of those is AlarmPad, which features many addon features, including syncing alarms across devices and dismissing them using NFC tags. The app has just gotten a major update that not only imbues it with Material Design, it also adds a new and faster way to add a one-off alarm.

Have sweet dreams with Runtastic Sleep Better app

The guys behind Runtastic must be really passionate about health and fitness that aside from tracking your movements, it now wants you to sleep better. But it's just sleep, how can an app make sleep better? Well, this app simply helps to make you fall asleep faster and easily by tracking your sleeping patterns.

AlarmPad gets updated, unlock all features for limited time

What else can you do with an alarm clock app? Well, you add features to it and get people to buy your app. This is what AlarmPad – pretty much an alarm clock app with bells and whistles (geddit?) – adds to your app arsenal. And today, the developers of AlarmPad has given the app some more features, plus a limited time offer to unlock all features.

Smile! This alarm clock app wants you to…

Honestly, alarm clocks don’t work for me. I need to set at least three alarms before I wake up and the phone should be placed near my ear. More often that not, I get up after five times of tapping on the snooze button. Such is my life every morning. How I wish there’s something really loud or an app that would make me get on my feet and start the day early.
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