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Wakie lets strangers wake you up through an app

One of the greatest struggles that face students and working people is waking up when you need to wake up, whether that’s early in the morning or in the middle of the night. Alarm clocks have been broken, the snooze button has been much abused, cellphones have been thrown across the room. An app that has been a hit in other regions, particularly Russia, has now come to the US and other countries, and it lets you wake up through a stranger’s “phone call”.

Google Now public transportation gets an alarm

Google Now seems to get new features on a regular basis. These new additions aren't always huge additions, however they do seems like items that will be perks for some users. Having said that, this latest addition seems like it will benefit those who regularly use public transportation.

Pandora for Android update brings alarm clock functionality

Pandora for Android has been updated once again. This latest brings a feature we saw added for iOS users about a month earlier -- a built-in Alarm Clock. In addition to the alarm clock functionality, Pandora users will also have a sleep timer and some other "small improvements and bug fixes." The key new feature though, is the alarm clock.

Timely arrives as a feature-rich alarm clock app [Hands-on]

A new alarm clock app has landed in the Google Play Store. The app is called Timely Alarm Clock and while we suspect many will tune this out thinking the stock clock/alarm app works just fine -- this one may be worth a look. Not only does Timely bring some good looks, but it also brings a feature those with multiple devices may like. The Timely app works across multiple devices.

4 awesome alarm clock apps for Android

Alarm clock apps and utilities on Android are a dime a dozen, and finding one that works best for you comes down to how you would like to be woke up. We no longer use our bedside alarm clocks, and instead Android apps have taken over. With so many available we figured a round up with four of our favorites were in order. If you wanna wake up in peace, or have an app that will make sure you're awake - keep on reading.

Why HTC’s clock always says 10:08

Long-time Android fans and HTC aficionados have probably noticed that in HTC's advertisements and press shots, their distinctive clock widget always shows 10:08. Why is this? Is it because of some connection with a founder's birthday? The moon landing? A Masonic ritual? Well, no: the real reason is much more ordinary, if somewhat obscure. HTC's official blog clues us in on why.

iHome for Android not just Apple any more

Most of us by now have heard of the company iHome, and their broad selection of iPod based music systems. Well, having heard the call and seen the desire of the Android fans, they have responded. Releasing three models that are designed to work with most Android based phones. Giving you the same options and sound that only the Apple fanboys had access to previously. app updated, includes Push Notifications in newest release

If there's one thing that every single smartphone (and ever modern cellphone, for that matter) should have, it's an alarm system. Even though some may contend that the ability make and receive telephone calls may be paramount, you've still got to be awake to talk. There's an app out there made by that, now that it's updated, will solve all of your waking up in the morning needs - but more than that, and actually more primary than that, you've now got the ability to get information on your kids arriving home from school, floods in your basement, a certain dangerous cabinet in your kitchen being opened, and just about any other needing-alert sort of thing you can imagine!

Samsung Galaxy S Promo Video

The Samsung Galaxy S has created a lot of buzz around the web. There’s still no official word on when this device will hit the market here in the US. Initial reports have the “Superphone” slated for release on all the major carriers here. This promo video gives you a few things to look forward to if you decide to purchase one.
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