AT&T upgrade cycle increased to 24 months

AT&T has announced a change to the upgrade cycle and moving forward users will need to wait a full 24-months before they will be eligible. According to details coming from AT&T, the carrier has said this change will allow them to align the "device upgrade eligibility with our standard two-year wireless agreement." Moving forward this will affect all users, however there is a grace period before it will kick in for everyone.

T-Mobile no-contract advertising deemed deceptive by Attorney General

T-Mobile announced their new UNcarrier approach back in late-March and since that point they have begun offering the new Simple Choice plans. These plans are being touted as not having a two-year agreement and while that seems to be an accurate description, there is a catch. These plans offer devices with an initial downpayment followed by an additional 24 monthly payments.

Microsoft signs more Android patent agreements, this time with Quanta

Microsoft is at it again, wasting no time signing deals covering royalties and patent agreements from everyone involved in the Android OEM business as of late. The latest to fall victim this time around is Quanta Computers. The name might not be widely known but Quanta is a huge manufacturer of electronic devices. They built the BlackBerry Playbook, the Kindle Fire, and have contracts with companies such as HP, Apple, Dell, Gateway, Lenovo, Sony and many others. Today have signed patent royalty agreements with Microsoft over any Android or Chrome products they intent to build now, and in the future.