myTouch 3G Advert from T-Mobile [Video]

As of lately, it appears we have been busy with videos for the Hero from Sprint, or for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10. And how to forget the TV advert for the Verizon DROID by Motorola, throwing everything they can against the iDont phone. Well, apparently, T-Mobile doesn't want you to forget about them. So they released another TV commercial for the Android phone myTouch 3G. This latest TV ad for the myTouch features Wyclef Jean, Avril Lavigne and Brad Paisley from the music world. The advert is called "Music", and the soundtrack is the same that we have heard on the previous T-Mobile myTouch 3G commercial. Which by the way, is a Wyclef Jean remix to a Cat Stevens soundtrack. I don't know why T-Mo doesn't release one for the Motorola Cliq or the Samsung Behold 2, but that's just me thinking out loud. So what do you think folks? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments what's your take on this one. [youtube][/youtube]

Sprint airs a new Now Network Commercial with the HTC Hero in it [Video]

If you have seen one of the new Now Network TV Commercials from Sprint/Nextel, then you have notice how different - and better - those are in comparison to the old black and white with Dan Hesse in them. Well, Sprint is now airing one of those nicer Now Network ads with the HTC Hero in it. This new TV commercial is for the holiday shoppers to see some of the best handsets that Sprint carries. In it you can see the little black pebble; the Palm Pre, the chinless (and better looking, at least in my opinion) HTC Hero and the BlackBerry Tour. Unfortunately, the Samsung Moment is missing on this commercial, why Sprint did not include the Samsung smartphone is a mystery. But at least is finally releasing commercials for Android devices, and calls the Sprint HTC Hero as a customizable phone with access to thousands of applications. [youtube][/youtube]

You Are Different From You: HTC TV Commercial Campaign [Video]

Chances are by now, you have seen the new video ads from Verizon pitting the new Droid from Motorola against the iPhone. Or should I say, the iDon't phone from the fruit company. Anyway, the folks at HTC are also airing a nice campaign. Check below, and judge for yourself. We are glad to see HTC doing some pretty good advert for their phones, specially when they are the biggest - and I might add, the longest - supporter of the Android platform from Google. I remember that only a few years ago, nobody knew who HTC was. Now, all that has changed, And many, if not all of us know that, HTC makes quality smartphones. This TV commercial from HTC is, I believe - if I'm wrong, please let me know in the comments area - the first time they go all out into the consumer marketing mainstream. Personally, I really like the sentence "You don't need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you". But enough of this, go on and watch the video below. [youtube][/youtube]
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