Google finally advertises their Samsung Galaxy Nexus on TV with two new commercials

The only other commercial of a "Nexus" device seen so far was of the Nexus S 4G, and it wasn't even sponsored by Google. Well, that changes soon with a couple cleverly funny commercials made by the manufacturer. The first commercial embedded below is my favorite - a child tries unlocking his father's Galaxy Nexus using the face unlock feature by making faces towards the Nexus. When all fails, he hopelessly hands the device over to his dad and finally gets to use the device. We all saw a commercial like this coming, and it was produced perfectly.

Google’s latest ad shows off the Galaxy Nexus, Google+ and… beatboxing

OK, Google gets some points for innovative integration with this one. After a series of rather tame Google+ ads that ran over the holiday weekend, the company has busted out a new one featuring a group of friends who all have a Galaxy Nexus. (We suppose it's set in the future or something.) Demonstrating remarkable technical awareness, not to mention no small amount of rhythm and/or blues, they pass the time with a mobile beatbox session.

Google Announces Q2 Revenue up 32% Over Last Year

I know you guys don't want to hear it or even see it, but I know some care to read about the outrageously huge amounts of money Google makes. They have just released the second quarter 2011 financial results and they are pretty impressive to say the least. Guess what -- to no ones surprise they are up a whopping 32% from this time last year. I expected these sorts of numbers so I wont say this comes as a shocker, because it doesn't. Reports suggest revenues of $9.03 billion for the quarter ended June 30, 2011, an increase of 32% compared to the second quarter of 2010. I pretty large increase over the $6.82 billion earned for the second three months of 2010. GAAP net income was $2.51 billion, up from $1.84 billion in Q2 2010 and the numbers are increasing this way basically across the board. Things are good over at Googleville.
Google-owned sites generated huge revenues of $6.23 billion, or 69% of total revenues, in the second quarter of 2011. This represents a 39% increase over second quarter 2010 revenues of $4.50 billion.
Showing that Google-owned sites accumulate around 70% of the total revenues, I guess this is why they want everyone clicking on ads, and hitting that +1 button for Google+ these days. I wont get down to all the details because you can check out the earning via the source link below if you want to be jealous. They do mention that their Cash and cash equivalents adds up to over $39 billion, yes I said billion. Google has also been pretty busy and hired a few more employees this last few months too, number of employees rose to 28,768 as of June 30, 2011, up from 26,316 as of March 31, 2011, More details below. [via Google]

AdMob Beta Released – Track Your Profits in Stylish Black and Red

So you're cashing in on your sweet, sweet Android app and/or game series connected to the AdMob target="_blank"network for mobile advertising and you've got a hankering for some exactitude. You can see the piles of money stacking up, but you can't see where it's all coming from. You want to see your numbers plain and simple, and you want to see them in blasting white, black, and red. You're in luck - developer Matthew Gaunt has the app for you. It's AdMob [Beta] and it's ready to feed you what you need.

Bizarre Japanese Dell Streak advert promises Android efficiency

Was a group of Japanese robotic businessmen the only thing the Dell Streak needed to successfully quash the iPad? A bizarre "Dell Streak Man Project" advert has turned up for the Japanese market, in what we're guessing is meant to imply that the Streak hybrid smartphone/tablet helps organize you into an efficient android machine. Along the way, though, it comes across more than a little like those impromptu dances sometimes held in the middle of shopping centers, complete with bemused onlookers watching from the sidelines. As you can see at one point, too, the Streak itself isn't actually turned on. Still, it's memorably - albeit in an odd way - and that's generally a good thing in adverts. Airing in Japan this month, we'll have to wait and see what, if anything, it does for sales of the Streak there. [via Twitter]

Angry Birds Android ads make Rovio $1m per month

Developers Rovio may be giving Angry Birds away for free, but that doesn't mean the team isn't making any money on the game. Speaking at LeWeb 2010 today, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed revealed that the adverts on the Android version of Angry Birds is pulling in $1m per month. That's actually more than the premium version of Angry Birds on sale in Apple's App Store, which is a paid-app rather than ad supported.

Pontiflex CEO says “Android is More Important” than the iPhone for Mobile Advertising

Pontiflex is a New York based ad startup company just entering the mobile market with its AppLeads advertising system. AppLeads has been available for the iPhone for a few weeks now, but its ready for release on the Android platform. When asked about their Android plans, Zephrin Lasker the CEO of Pontiflex stated that Android is more important in the mobile advertising space, and they're happy to finally hit Android.

Samsung Releases Galaxy Tab Ad in Hopes of Going Viral: “Extreme Retreat” [VIDEO]

This video features a company retreat held by a boss who's got out-of-the-ordinary or "extreme," if you will, in mind, as he decides that his group will head up to The Andes in Peru, the place in the mountains they appear going to being at 16,000 ft above sea level. FUN FACT: the highest point in the Andes mountain range is Mt. Aconcagua at about 22,841 feet. The retreat features foolish employees attempting to hunt for food, check stock prices with indigenous citizens, and carving presentations into wood.

Android Nearly King of Ads, So Says Millennial Media

Private mobile ad network Millennial Media, responsible for sending ads for Fox News, MTV, ABC, Comedy Central, Time Life, and etcetera to cellphones and related tech, have released the following graphic depicting Android nearly atop the hill for ad impressions across their network. The reason for this may seem obvious: lots and lots and lots of Android phones are being released at the moment. Ad requests for Android devices have grown 1,284% since January, while Apple's iOS has grown a puny 18% in the same amount of time.
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