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Angry Birds Valentines Expansion Called “Hogs and Kisses”

If you're a fan of Angry Birds, and you know we are when we're not feeling cynical, you're pretty pumped up about the oncoming expansion to be released on Valentine's Day. Very little has been known about this project, which up until this moment has been called "Pink." What we know now, thanks to out best buddy Ina Fried, is that this Angry Birds expansion is called "Hogs and Kisses," comes in HD for iPad (and hopefully something similar for Honeycomb,) as well as its standard Android and iPhone/iPod Touch versions, and apparently it'll be out sooner than expected - next week soon!

Kongregate 300 Free Game Deal Dashed by Google

BUMMER it Appears that the No-Show for Kongregate's 300 Free Game App yesterday was more than a glitch. Google has decided to take the app down because it infringes on their rulebook. Google says that the app was in violation of the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement because, as you know, the app was distributing apps. Can't do that! You can still access the app via their mobile website, but for now, it's disappeared from the Android Marketplace.

Kongregate Arcade Brings 300 Free Games to Android

And it's all being offered up to the Android gods in order that we might find the truth needed to "solve the game discovery problem that all Android owners have shared." This 13 million monthly unique visitors site is full of free browser based games - are we to go there to play them? No way! Kongregate Arcade will soon be an app launching with over 300 games inside it - and the app itself is free as well!

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc to Feature Unlimited Points Touch Screen

First be sure to take a peek at Sony Ericsson's XPERIA Arc in our hands-on video, then come back and take notice at something that may be freaking awesome - the possibility of a massively multi-touch screen handled by a Cypress TrueTouch-digitizer. This group has three kinds of digitizers in it's TrueTouch family, the CY8CTMAxxx, CY8CTMGxxx and CY8CTSTxxx. The first is a Multi-Touch All-Point which can withstand up to 32 simultaneous loading points - this is the one they found in the TGBUS teardown. Do you know what that means?

Zeptolab’s Cut the Rope Gets the Greenlight for Android

For the Android mobile platform, there's not many high-profile games out there. That's not saying there's not many good ones; just that there's not many out there that have plenty of word-of-mouth going for it. Not too long ago now, the full version of Angry Birds hit the Android Market, and it subsequently saw a ridiculous amount of downloads in just a matter of hours. Angry Birds was one such title that had plenty of word-of-mouth going for it, as it was a number one seller on the iOS platform, before it landed on Android. And now it looks like another mega-popular title is making its way to Android soon, too.

Racing Live for Android

This is another great game from Storm 8, this game made its way to number 1 in the iPhone AppStore. It now takes aim at Android. This is a very addicting game, you start out as a novice and battle your way all the way to the pro level. You can trick out your car to your liking and even n challenge other users around the world. The further you advance, the tougher your challengers will get. This is a free app in the Android Market. If you’re expecting awesome 3D graphics, this may not be the game for you. But if you want a game that is genuinely fun and has reply values this is for you.

Vacuum : The Global Competition (Cash Prize)

There are a few Android games that offer a worldwide leader board but none of them allows you to compete with other Android users around the world for a cash prize. Vacuum is a fast paced tunnel racer that does just that. This game was a finalist at ADC2 under the name, Atmosphere: Trainer.
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