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Zeptolab’s Cut the Rope Gets the Greenlight for Android

For the Android mobile platform, there's not many high-profile games out there. That's not saying there's not many good ones; just that there's not many out there that have plenty of word-of-mouth going for it. Not too long ago now, the full version of Angry Birds hit the Android Market, and it subsequently saw a ridiculous amount of downloads in just a matter of hours. Angry Birds was one such title that had plenty of word-of-mouth going for it, as it was a number one seller on the iOS platform, before it landed on Android. And now it looks like another mega-popular title is making its way to Android soon, too.

Racing Live for Android

This is another great game from Storm 8, this game made its way to number 1 in the iPhone AppStore. It now takes aim at Android. This is a very addicting game, you start out as a novice and battle your way all the way to the pro level. You can trick out your car to your liking and even n challenge other users around the world. The further you advance, the tougher your challengers will get. This is a free app in the Android Market. If you’re expecting awesome 3D graphics, this may not be the game for you. But if you want a game that is genuinely fun and has reply values this is for you.

Vacuum : The Global Competition (Cash Prize)

There are a few Android games that offer a worldwide leader board but none of them allows you to compete with other Android users around the world for a cash prize. Vacuum is a fast paced tunnel racer that does just that. This game was a finalist at ADC2 under the name, Atmosphere: Trainer.
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