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Most of us are a familiar with Notion Ink and its line of Android tablets called Adam. The company has been around for a while now and so far, the tablets haven't proven to be super successful. Notion Ink is working on the next generation of its tablets and back in July, the tip surfaced that the Adam Two would be landing in December of this year.

Notion Ink Adam Tablet gets a Honeycomb port

Man, when we reported earlier this week that Notion Ink was back with more Adam news, we didn't know they'd be back with a vengeance. But that seems to be the case as we've got two more bits of news about the home grown Android Tablet. The first bit of news is that a stalwart Android fan named MrGuy, has managed to port Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) onto his Adam. He's managed to boot up the system, install all his apps, and troubleshoot OpenGL issues which prompted Force Close. Pretty cool.

Carbon Fiber Skin for Notion Ink’s Adam is Possible

It seems carbon fiber skins are all the range in the technology. Adding a bit of a personal and professional touch to your device, they're popping up on more and more devices. XDA member, joshua.lyon, has contacted a manufacturer of these skins and they said they would make a template for the device, but they need help. [caption id="attachment_23085" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="Carbon Fiber Material Example"][/caption] Specifically, what they're asking for is an Adam owner to stop by GotShadeOnline in the Delaware area and let them take specific measurements of your device. For your troubles not only will you help out dozens of users who would like to purchase the skin, but you will get your very own custom fitted carbon fiber skin for free! [caption id="attachment_23086" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="Color Options"][/caption] The company is known for their high-quality carbon fiber material that is not just a design printed on vinyl. These skins are made out of a material that has a visible texture that shows in various lighting conditions and are not simply printed patterns, making them the perfect customization/scratch proof accessory. If you would like to contact GotShadeOnline, be sure to send them an email and hopefully set up a time where they can measure your device! [Via XDA]

Notion Ink Adam Eden VIII Update: Apps without Leaves

What happens when you launch an app in Eden on the fabulous Notion Ink Adam when it doesnt have a Leaf? This is the initial question asked in this newest demo video from Notion Ink. This should answer your questions about what apps will look like if they've not yet exactly gotten on board fully with the Leaf system on Adam - this will be a LOT of apps at the launch, we suppose. This video begins with the launcher, from which you will be able to drag and drop icons to your Leaves to open a new one. If that app doesn't have a Leaf, Eden will prompt you with options.

Notion Ink Demos Adam’s custom Mail’d App [Video]

Notion Ink has released another video demoing their much anticipated Adam tablet, this time it's their custom email client. The "Mail'd" app is said to be one of the fastest around and includes some useful features such as the ability to recall messages that you didn't mean to send.

Notion Ink Adam Demoed on Video

What we have all been waiting for regarding the Notion Ink Adam is finally here (besides the launch information and pre-order information, which, of course, came before we even saw a the device live) - the tablet has finally been demoed on video.

Notion Ink starts mystery countdown ending December 9th, its meaning is unknown

The Notion Ink Adam tablet has been a hit ever since we first saw it at CES last year, some even say it's the only Android tablet in which they show any interest in purchasing. Here we are almost a year later, and sure we've had information coming from the company on a regular basis, but we still haven't heard any word of a release date or even had the chance to test one out and see the progress for ourselves.
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