Samsung GALAXY S 4 ad shows off features and pokes fun at iPhones

Samsung is back with those ads we all seem to either love or hate, showing off their latest smartphone the GALAXY S 4. In their latest ad airing during the NBA playoffs called "Pool Party" you'll get to see many of those new features that make the GALAXY S 4 stand out against the competition. Then, what kind of Samsung commercial would it be without poking fun at Apple. Take a peek below.

T-Mobile starts ‘Wireless Exposed’ ad campaign, aims for the competition

During T-Mobile's big event today where they announced their new plan moving forward, no contracts, 4G LTE, and the T-Mobile iPhone we also heard they'd be releasing some pretty aggressive marketing ads. Now just a few moments later it appears a few of those ads are already live, and below we have two pretty awesome videos from T-Mobile to share. Would you rather sign a 2-year contract with your mobile carrier, or get a root canal?

Google removes Ad-blockers from the Play Store

Today many frustrated developers took to Twitter and other social sites to share the news that their ad-blocker applications on the Play Store have been removed. Things like AdBlock Plus, Adaway, Adfree Android and many others have all been removed today for violating the Terms of Service. Google's cracking down and hitting that old 'remove' switch this afternoon.

Qualcomm’s new ‘Born Mobile’ ad series makes the bus stop fun again

For those that saw Qualcomm's Born Mobile keynote at CES this year, you probably have a good idea at what is coming below. For those who didn't, get ready to see the chip maker pull out all the stops. Basically the folks from Qualcomm have released a series of awesome videos from a local bus stop, showing that this mobile generation will head to a webpage while waiting for the bus. What comes after that will surprise you all.

Samsung shares extended four minute Super Bowl ‘Next Big Thing’ ad spot

It was a tough game full of emotions and a pretty impressive comeback from the 9ers, but in the end the Baltimore Ravens are taking home the trophy. I don't know about you guys, but I think we saw more CBS promotions than actual commercials, but at least Samsung had one worth watching. Well theirs and the amazing GoDaddy clip. Today Samsung's posted an extended 4:41 second clip of their expensive Super Bowl commercial so lets take a look.

Google shows off the Nexus 4 camera in latest ad spot

While shipping might be a little behind for those hoping to get a shiny new Nexus 4 for Christmas, Google's wasting no time showing off their brand new smartphone and some of the awesome features it has. Google's back with another Nexus commercial today, this time showing users the power of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean's Photo Sphere feature to take the perfect holiday photos.

Samsung posts Galaxy Camera ad starring James Franco

Samsung's new Android powered Galaxy Camera has blasted onto the scene with both AT&T, and Verizon 4G LTE connectivity. Add in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and you have one extremely smart and powerful camera. While many might believe this is a niche product Samsung's just released a brand new commercial starring actor James Franco that shows some of the true power behind their Galaxy Camera.

LG Optimus G spotted in first TV commercial

LG's new Optimus G is set to be quite the powerhouse smartphone. With only a few days left before the official LG unveiling we are now seeing our first actual live look at the smartphone in a Korean TV commercial from YouTube. LG will be sharing it with the world early next week in Korea, then later this month here in the US -- but we can enjoy a quick peek right now.

Samsung Galaxy S II commercials continue with two new videos

Samsung's been pretty busy on ad campaigns lately with the "dude you're a barista" and the "next big thing" commercials but today we have two brand new ones to share. You can say they are taking shots at Apple -- and they sort of are but in a subtle way. They've left out the goofy "Samsung'd" catchphrase and replaced it with a cute blonde flirting with iPhone users. Check them out after the break.
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