Deutsche Telekom considering improved bid to save MetroPCS merger

For the most part, things seem to be lining up rather nicely for the proposed merger of T-Mobile and MetroPCS. We have already seen all the necessary regulatory approvals which means that the Department of Justice, FCC and the Committee on Foreign Investment have all given the thumbs up. In fact, aside from a statement from Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), we have seen very little in terms of opposition.

WhatsApp denies Google acquisition rumors

Yesterday we talked about a new rumor that was making the rounds suggesting that Google was in talks to purchase the WhatsApp Messenger service. The scuttlebutt suggested that WhatsApp might be a bit of technology Google wass eying for its long rumored unified, cross-platform messenger service dubbed Bable.

Google in talks to buy WhatsApp Messenger for $1 billion

The week is already off to a good start with rumors surfacing that Google could be in talks to acquire the extremely popular WhatsApp Messenger service. One of the worst kept secrets lately has been Google's plan for a unified, cross-platform messenger service called "Babel" and this is just one more piece to the puzzle if it turns out true.

Verizon Wireless acquires Mohave Wireless

Much of the carrier acquisition talk has centered around T-Mobile and MetroPCS lately, however it looks like Verizon Wireless also has some related news. In short, Verizon Wireless has announced the completion of an acquisition with Mohave Wireless. The financial terms have yet to be disclosed, however it was said that Verizon Wireless acquired Mohave Wireless from Frontier Communications and Rio Virgin.

Apple buys WiFiSlam, looks to take on Google’s indoor Maps

Today we've learned that the folks over in Cupertino from Apple have just purchased the popular Android-friendly indoor mapping company WiFiSLAM to the tune of around $20 million. WiFiSLAM is an indoor mapping start-up company from Silicon Valley, one that many Android developers have been using to integrate indoor features to their Android apps. It sounds like Apple is trying to improve their Maps offering - and quick.

T-Mobile, MetroPCS regulatory approvals now complete

T-Mobile and MetroPCS received the FCC approval back on March 12 which meant that the necessary approvals for a merger were almost complete. Basically, once the FCC offered their approval we still needed word from the Committee on Foreign Investment. Well, approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment as well as the MetroPCS stockholders. As of today however, MetroPCS has offered a bit of a status update.

Dropbox acquires iOS email app Mailbox

Dropbox has announced an acquisition, Mailbox. We understand that some may not be as familiar with Mailbox given, at present, it is available only for iOS users. The Mailbox app launched for the iPhone a short while back and it seems to be all the rage in the iOS world. We have yet to see if the hype that surrounded Mailbox will turn into anything other than people wanting something they could not immediately get.

Google buys Machine Learning company to boost voice search and more

The folks from Google certainly are no strangers to snatching up promising and on-the-rise startup groups or companies, and today they've acquired another one. The company is called DNNresearch who specializes in 'machine learning' or artificial intelligence in computer systems. It looks like this is mainly for the image and voice recognition aspects, which we'll certainly welcome to Android.

Skyfire acquired by Opera

While there are plenty of alternative browsers available for Android users to pick from, it looks as if two of those have recently gotten together. Coming by way of an Opera issued press release, they have announced the acquisition of Skyfire. Based on details provided, Opera will be looking towards Skyfire's video optimization and smartphone monetization products.
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