AT&T reportedly looking towards Europe for a carrier acquisition

AT&T is said to be looking towards Europe for a carrier acquisition. The reasoning here is that AT&T would be able to grow in ways that they cannot currently do in the US market. The move is clearly risky, but according to details coming from a recent WSJ report, it will allow AT&T to focus on a new market where they will be able to "upgrade technology and roll out more lucrative pricing strategies." Of course, all this is coming from people familiar with the matter.

Intel to acquire NVIDIA according to crazy rumors

In what sounds like one of the crazier rumors we've heard in a long, long time, the folks from Intel might be preparing to acquire NVIDIA. The mobile processing market is really getting competitive as of late and this could give Intel the edge they so badly need. What's even crazier is the talk that Intel will make a switch at CEO and have NVIDIA's own take charge of the entire ship.

Google shells out for Incentive Targeting acquisition

We all know that Google has some cash in its coffers to throw around, and today it's putting some of that money to use. The big G announced today that it has purchased Incentive Targeting, a company that aims to get coupons to customers who will actually use them. Details are still relatively slim, despite the fact that both companies have made statements about the acquisition.

AT&T takes issue with SoftBank’s Sprint buyout

SoftBank's intention of purchasing a 70% stake in Sprint is one of the month's bigger news stories (at least so far), so it's no wonder that today we're seeing other carriers coming out and stating some issues they have with the proposed acquisition. One of these carriers is AT&T, which is warning FCC regulators today to closely examine this buyout and its potential consequences. Specifically, AT&T seems concerned over the fact that SoftBank acquiring Sprint means that SoftBank will also take control of Clearwire, giving it a large amount of wireless spectrum.

SoftBank’s plan to purchase 70% of Sprint for $20.1b confirmed

We heard all about SoftBank's desire to purchase a majority stake in Sprint last week, but today, the two companies confirmed the deal. SoftBank will pay out $20.1 billion to take control of a 70% share in Sprint, with $12.1 billion of that going to current Sprint shareholders as consideration for the buyout. The rest of the money - all $8 billion of it - will be given to Sprint as new capital.

Motorola officially announces Viewdle acquisition

For the last few days rumors were circling around that Motorola, and by extension Google, were planning to purchase facial recognition company Viewdle. Turns out those were much more than rumors, as we have confirmed that Motorola is acquiring the company. Of course, because Google owns Motorola, this means they also own Viewdle. There is no official word on how much Motorola paid for Viewdle, but rumors said they are paying somewhere in between $30 to $45 million dollars. Motorola says they have been working with Viewdle for a while before the acquisition, so the transition should go smoothly. Viewdle's technology could prove a huge benefit for Android owners. A little deduction tells us that Motorola makes devices, Google makes Android and Viewdle makes facial recognition software. Put that together and there is good chance that we should see some new facial recognition features coming to Android devices at some point. Besides Android, the newly acquired technology could see usage in Google Glass. Imagine looking at a friend and having the glasses recognize them and tell you key facts such as when their birthday is or what their favorite topics of conversation are. We will keep you posted on this acquisition as it happens, so keep your browser locked on Android Community. [timeline]

Google reportedly buying facial recognition firm Viewdle

Google is apparently close to inking yet another deal to buy up the popular Augmented reality and facial recognition company Viewdle. Google's been on a roll as of late, but this is a pretty unique acquisition given the possibilities. Viewdle is a Ukrainian company that specializes in AR and facial recognition technology and software that automatically tags faces in photos.

Google acquires Instagram-competitor Snapseed

Nik Software, the company behind the popular photography app Snapseed, has been bought by Google today. The search giant plans to bolster its Google+ photo features with the Snapseed acquisition and compete with Facebook and Instagram head on. The app, which is available on iOS, Mac and Windows (with an Android version coming soon), has gained over nine million users within its first year.
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