Yahoo confirms SkyPhrase acquisition

News of another Yahoo acquisition has surfaced this morning. This latest is a company called SkyPhrase and at this time, we are seeing confirmation coming by way of Yahoo and SkyPhrase. For those not familiar with the name, SkyPhrase is a company that has built natural language processing technology. And in the words of Yahoo, the technology is "amazing."

DroidBooster Android accelerator app acquired by Google

Google may have brought some smoothness to Android with Project Butter, however a new acquisition has it looking like they are still looking to make some further improvements. According to reports coming from the French-language L'Expansion, Google has acquired the DroidBooster app from FlexyCore. Details point towards this being a €16.9 million ($23.1 million) acquisition.

BlackBerry acquired by Fairfax Financial for $4.7 billion

Say goodbye to Blackberry. Well we can say goodbye officially considering we all have known this was coming for quite some time. Not to mention the earnings report last week showing nearly $1 billion in loss, things weren't looking too good. Just hitting the wires is news that BlackBerry has been acquired by a Canadian Financial company for the tune of $4.7 billion.

Google acquires Bump, a wireless data sharing company

This morning we've learned that the folks from Google have acquired another company, one which is actually pretty interesting. It's called Bump, and their CEO and founder David Lieb confirmed the news today on their site in a quick blog post. Bump is a bit like Android Beam or S-Beam for sharing files, although it's all done in the cloud.
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