HTC Flyer Desktop Dock hits Best Buy pre-order

The official HTC Flyer Desktop Dock has shown up for pre-order at Best Buy, with availability expected in 1-2 weeks. Supporting the 7-inch Flyer in portrait orientation, the dock errs on the simple side when it comes to connectivity. On the back there's apparently a single USB connector that will work with either an AC adapter to charge the Flyer, a USB sync cable to hook it up to your PC or Mac, or an MHL HDMI adapter to output the tablet's display to a TV or projector. Unfortunately you don't get a native HDMI port, which seems something of a missed opportunity, and there's no mention of even a 3.5mm audio output for using the dock as a media player station. In fact, your $49.99 basically gets you a more straightforward way to prop up your Flyer and recharge it, and HTC doesn't even include a USB cable or AC adapter from the sound of things. The seemingly illuminated button ring on the back is something of a mystery, but we're guessing it's a charge indicator. [via Pocketables]

New line of Droidax accessories debuts

A new line of accessories for some Android smartphones has debuted under the Droidax brand. The company offers accessories for Samsung, HTC, Sony, and LG Android devices to start with and gives free shipping on orders over $20. The initial products are screen protectors and anti-glare films. The company also has a line of cases and batteries as well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories for Europe get priced, some available now

One of the things that people didn’t like that well about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 when we did our review of the Limited Edition Google I/O version was that the machine lacked any connectivity. It turns out that the connectivity and accessories for the tablet will use the Samsung docking port on the tablet just as the iPad accessories do. A bunch of the accessories for the tablet have now surfaced on the German Samsung page and have been priced as well with some available now.

Motorola Keyboard Folio case for the Xoom in the works

The Motorola Xoom has been a popular little device. Some new information looks to show that Motorola might be planning a Keyboard Folio case similar to the portfolio case they offer now, but with a bluetooth or USB Keyboard included. This would probably be a good idea considering the Asus Transformer has one and it has been a pretty big hit so far.

Samsung Epic 4G Game Gripper Available Now

The Game Gripper has been a much loved addition to the devices it's available on. Providing a physical gaming keypad to mobile phones, it provides an easier, more enjoyable way for users to play games on their mobile device. Because devices come in all shapes, sizes, and layouts Game Gripper has to be made specifically for each device.

Dell Streak HDMI dock makes a cameo

Once the Dell Streak hits the streets this HDMI dock will surely be the hottest accessory everyone will pick up for their new toy. This dock will be able to perform all of the things we expect out of a traditional dock and a few extras. It should be available for purchase on the same day the streak is released.
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