Motorola TurboPower to give your device up to 8 hours more life

Maybe OEMs have already given up on trying to extend the actual battery life of their devices, but it looks like we've been seeing a glut of products that aim to help your smartphone or tablet along, especially for people who are almost always mobile. The latest to release a super power charger is Motorola with its TurboPower technology, promising to give you up to 8 hours of battery life even if you charge it for just 15 minutes.

Samsung partners with designers for accessories for Galaxy S6, S6 edge

Samsung has released their new collection of accessories for the new flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. And these aren't just any simple smartphone cases, but rather beautifully designed cases from handpicked brands and designers that they believe match their philosophy of forward-thinking fusion of fashion and technology. The accessories, along with other audio and power products will be available in the Galaxy Essentials app that comes with the two smartphones out of the box.

Get your own talking, intelligent robot called Musio

Admit it, whenever you watch sci-fi movies and see all those AI creatures, you kinda wished you had one of your own to talk to and maybe even to order around. But even though you have voice-activated digital assistants on your smartphone like Siri or Hello Google, you can't really have a running conversation with them. A new Indiegogo project called Musio will attempt to be the kind of robot friend that you need or want.

Slickwraps’ Hero series gives you an alternative Iron Man Galaxy S6

If you're a Marvel fan, specifically a fan of the red iron-wearing Avenger, you must have been over the moon when Samsung announced they are releasing a limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge. But when you thought about how expensive it will probably be, then you may have been starting to get depressed, not to mention they won't be releasing a Galaxy S6 version. But the folks over at Slickwarps have a sort-of solution that might be the next best thing.

Gekkopod trying to replace the “selfie stick” in your photo habit

Are you sick and tired of the ubiquitous "selfie stick" (previously known as the monopod) not because you are averse to taking selfies (to the contrary in fact) but due to the fact that it is unbendable, not too pliable, and comes with a few limitations as to the angles and views? A new Kickstarter project believes that it just might replace your stick in the mud monopod as the Gekkopod is more flexible and even comes with a bit more personality to boot.

JBL shows off new portable Bluetooth speakers

The competition in the Bluetooth speakers market, both the portable and the in-wall/mounted kind, has never been tighter than in the past years. The veritable audio equipment brands are having to compete with OEMs bent on creating their own, and even start-ups who use the power of crowdfunding to get their business started. JBL is one of those audio companies and they have responded to this challenge by coming out with a lot more products, and the two latest are the JBL Clip+ and the JBL Charge 2+.

Phree smart pen lets you turn the world into one big paper

You're in a conference and taking notes on paper may be how you're used to doing it, but making them digital is such a pain. You want to sketch that beautiful scenery in front of you, but using your finger on your tablet is just not enough. You need to write down a phone number or address, but for one reason or another, you can't bring out your phone and you know if you write it on paper, you'll lose it. A new Kickstarter project is trying to help you solve those problems.

Cut your charging time by almost half with USB ChargeDoubler

Charging our mobile devices quickly is always a major concern for the digital natives, especially the ones who are always on the go. So any new gadget or accessory that promises to make things easier for us in this aspect always catches our eye. A new Kickstarter project called USB ChargeDoubler is pretty self-explanatory, as it brings faster charging power to our mobile devices when you connect it to a computer, power bank or wall outlet using this tiny, portable USB cable.

Xiaomi to open Mi digital store to other markets for limited time on May 19

If you've always wanted to try out some Xiaomi products, but they don't sell directly to your country, then you'll be happy to know that they'll be opening up a beta store to test out the waters. But you'll only be happy if you live in France, Germany, the UK and the US, as these are the places where they will be trying out their Mi Store on May 19, but with limited stock availability only.
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