Flir One 2nd gen thermal camera now available for Android devices

Do you feel like you need thermal camera in your life? Well, if you're a scientist or an engineer, then probably you would say yes. Or if you're just interested in seeing what the naked eye cannot and you have a spare couple of hundred dollars, then you can say yes too. Flir One has released the second generation of its thermal camera, and it's of course better and more powerful than the previous one, turning your mobile camera into a powerful thermal imager.

Tailorfit your listening experience with Aumeo audio device

Not all ears are created equal. What sounds loud for one person, may barely reach the eardrums of another. That's why you hear some people listening to their devices with full volume that you can already hear the music even if she/he are wearing headphones. Or there are times when the audio setting is already too loud for you, and yet it just has barely climbed the aural charts. It would be great if there was a device that could tailor-fit your audio experience right? That's what Aumeo is aiming to be.

Get your own “personal trainer” with Jabra Sports Coach

Not everyone can afford or even have the time to hire and work with an actual personal trainer when you do your cross training and indoor workouts. But if you do have the budget to buy a new set of earphones, you should get the new Jabra Sports Coach, use the Jabra Sport Life app, and you'll get your own very special and exclusive digital trainer, coach, and motivator. Plus, you also get to listen to your own music at the same time, so it should be a win-win right?

Ultimate Ears Roll is a quirky Bluetooth speaker with oomph

Of Bluetooth speaker choices, an Android user will not run out of those. There are hundreds of products to choose from out there. But if you’re really looking for quality, you will probably look to the better known brands – like JBL, Creative, Harman, and Bose. Ultimate Ears is vying to break into this group, initially with their Boom series of speakers, but this year with a quirky new product called UE Roll.

Shut out the world with Phiaton BT 100 NC wireless headphones

Sometimes, no matter how good your earphones or headphones sound, there is still some sounds that filter in, like the annoying chatter from the other table or the unpleasant cacophony of cars, vehicle horns and people talking. A new Bluetooth enabled wireless headset from Phiaton called BT 100 NC wireless headphones says that it has one of the best ANC or Active Noise Cancellation technology that will let you enjoy an immersive experience with your music or with your videos wherever you go.

Rainbow7 might just be the smartest light bulbs in the market

If you were amazed by the light bulb system that could be turned on and off just by clapping your hands together, then imagine how you will react to light that can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet! iLuv Creative Technology has just released what may very well be the "smartest" light in the market, as it can be controlled by any mobile device as long it is connected to the light through Bluetooth and an app.

Bose’s new SoundLink Mini Speaker 2 adds speakerphone, better battery

When you create a new generation of an already impressive product, you better make sure that you're significantly improving on it. Otherwise, it may look like you're just fleecing the people for more money for what is basically the same product, with just a fancier name. If you were a fan of Bose's SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker, then you'd be excited to know that the next-gen version of this portable device, called the SoundLink Mini Speaker 2, seems like a way better version of the original.

HidrateMe lets you know when it’s time to drink water

Ask any health or beauty specialist what is the best secret for keeping your skin clear or prolonging your life without any surgery and they would probably give you the same answer: drink lots of water. But a lot of times, especially during seasons when it isn't warm enough to always be thirsty, we forget to drink water. A new Kickstarter project will introduce HidrateMe, which is probably the smartest water bottle in the market right now.

LG announces Disney-themed smartphone for Japan

How big of a Disney fan would you have to be to willingly go and buy a smartphone that is obviously patterned after the "mousey" brand? Well, apparently, in Japan, that's not even a question that needs to be asked. LG has announced they are coming out with a new line of Disney mobile phones that will be exclusive for Japan. Surprisingly though, the smartphone is unimaginatively called DM-01G, and for a brand that thrives on fantasy and dreams, clearly LG hasn't caught that particular bug yet.

WRiSTBOOM is a wearable Bluetooth speaker for your mobile needs

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there, but how many of them can you actually wear on your body? Well, there might be some that you can wear around your neck but it could be quite heavy. A new device that is campaigning for your support on IndieGoGo aims to be the first wearable Bluetooth speaker that doesn't suffer on quality, even as you can bring it your music with you everywhere you go. Will WRiSTBOOM be your new musical accessory of choice?
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