Motorola Moto Hint Bluetooth headset 2nd gen now on Best Buy

Motorola released their very own Bluetooth headset last year together with the new Moto X. Calling it the Moto Hint, it was a good ergonomic fit for our ears and it was tiny enough to not call much attention to itself. However, there was one major problem with it: the audio connection wasn’t great at all, which kind of defeats the purpose of the device. But now, the OEM has quietly released the second generation Moto Hint, and they say it should be better with the new technology they used for it.

Znaps is a reversible, magnetic smartphone connector adapter

All of us have probably dealt with these things in one way or another: frayed cables, tripping on wires while charging, accidentally destroying the charging/data port of your smartphone. And when you look at Apple’s MagSafe power cord adaptor, you’ve probably wondered, “Why hasn’t anyone invented something like that for other devices?” Well, someone just did, and soon we’ll have Znaps, a magnetic connector adaptor that can be used either for lightning or micro USB ports.

Offgrid Battery Case gives extra storage for your Galaxy S6, S6 edge

There are a lot of battery cases now available in the market, all with the goal of extending the battery life of your smartphones. As long as OEMs cannot solve the dilemma of devices not lasting long because of all the features and apps, products like these will be a necessity. But there are very few that can give you not just extended battery life, but extended storage as well. The Offgrid Battery Case from Incipio is one of those and it has been created specifically for your brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick makes transferring large files easier

Back in the day (and we mean like a year or two ago), when you needed to transfer large files, you’d just whip out a flash drive and stick it in your laptop or computer. But now, most of the large files are in your smartphones and tablets, and most likely, they don’t have USB ports for you to still transfer old-school. One of the solutions to do this is through wireless sticks and now we have the 2nd gen SanDisk Connect™ Wireless Stick to help us out.

Microsoft finally releases foldable Bluetooth keyboard in stores

We’ve seen it for months, and we even talked about it previously, and people have been anticipating having this bad boy (or rather, good boy) in their hands. Finally, our keyboarding dreams have come true as Microsoft’s Universal Folding Keyboard is now available in gadget stores near you (hopefully). Not only is it compatible with any device, regardless of platform, but it is also thin and foldable, so it really won’t make an impact on your bag (but maybe it will on your wallet, a little).

MicFlip is the first reversible USB -A to Micro-USB cable

When you plug devices in and out of USB ports, chances are you would sometimes just mindlessly plug it in, only to find out that you were plugging it the wrong way. Even worse, sometimes, you would actually damage your cords or even your device because you’ve been plugging it in wrong so often. And even though the reversible USB-C is soon to invade the market, it will take some time before it even becomes a thing. But for now, you can rely on MicFlip, the world’s first reversible USB cable.

Baubax jacket can solve your travel woes in 15 different ways 

Did you hear about that boy band singer who collapsed during his flight from heat exhaustion because he wore 12 layers of clothes just to avoid buying excess baggage fees? Well there’s no cure for stupidity yet, but a new Kickstarter project is looking to bring you a slight solution to storage and other things when you’re traveling and it’s not luggage. Meet the Baubax jacket, which says it is the world’s best travel jacket as it has 15 different functions.

Sennheiser to release Momentum In-Ear Black Chrome earbuds soon

The IFA is still a few months away but it's never too early to start hyping up the products you'll be releasing by then. And it's not just smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches that will be taking center stage, but accessories and peripherals as well. Sennheiser has been quiet the past few months, but now they've announced that one of the things they'll be launching is the Black Chrome version of the Momentum In-Ear earbuds, an updated version of the black red variant that they introduced last year.

Mugen extended battery case for HTC One M9 gives twice the charge

The HTC One M9 is one of the better reviewed new flagships from this year's batch. But one of the most common complaints about this is that the battery life isn't all that great. So unless you want to constantly be looking for a wall socket to charge your device when you're on the go, your best bet would be to either get a power bank or to just get one of those battery cases, like the Mugen Power 3700mAh Extended Battery Case.

Logitech rebranding underway; now called Logi

While they have made their name creating what was probably the best mouse (mice?) in the market, the changing tech landscape has made Logitech question their raison d'etre (reason for being) since users who use this peripheral have dramatically dropped the past years. Yes, the tech brand has branched out into speakers, keyboards, and other accessories, but their name and their logo still seem too outdated. Now, they have announced that they are rebranding and will now be called Logi (pronounced "lodge-gee").
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