T-Mobile says 80,000 ‘break-up’ letters have been signed

T-Mobile claims they have written over 80,000 “breakup” letters. No, the nation’s #4 carrier is serial dating, they’re doing it for you. According to them, that’s how many of us have sent letters to the other three carriers since T-Mobile announced their scheme to pay our early termination fees. That’s about 10,000 customers daily, fleeing from the other three major carriers and onto T-Mobile, if each letter were a customer.

T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1S arrives for online sales

Originally announced last week during CES, the Sony Xperia Z1S has already arrived with T-Mobile. The carrier has the handset available for online sales beginning today. The handset is also coming to retail stores, however that will not happen until January 22nd. Regardless of whether you move forward and buy online now, or from a retail store on the 22nd -- the pricing and specs for the handset remain the same.

T-Mobile’s GoSmart customers to get Facebook access, even without a data plan

If your Facebook addiction knows no bounds, it might be time to jump on T-Mobile’s bandwagon. The coolest carrier on the planet has announced they will allow Facebook to be accessed offline for those who are on one of their GoSmart Mobile plans. GoSmart, which is essentially T-Mobile’s lower-end prepaid offering, was announced earlier this year. With plans starting at $30/month, it’s aimed at the emerging mid-tier smartphone market.