Sony Xperia S heads north to Canada unlocked

Sony's Xperia S made a splash a CES in January, but as with most high-profile phones, it took a while for Canadian carriers to get on the trolley. That trends may or may not continue, but it looks like either way Canadians will get a crack at the company's new flagship. Earlier today MobileSyrup reported that Sony's official Facebook page posted the new that the Xperia S was headed to Canadian carrier Rogers. Hours later the Facebook update had vanished, and Rogers contacted the blog to deny the news.

Sony Xperia S now available worldwide

Sony's new flagship has been getting a decent reception in early reviews from Europe, but if you've got a hankerin' to get your high-end smartphone on elsewhere in the world, you've been out of luck. Until now: the Xperia S is now shipping directly from Sony to retailers all over the world. For a paltry $674.99 (or its equivalent in local currency)  you too can get the stylish dual-core phone. Just add an active GSM SIM card and you're ready to go. And yes, Americans, you can get in on the action as well - Sony's one of the few phone companies that regularly releases unlocked versions of its phones in the United States.

Sony Xperia S receives its first update

Before you get too excited, no this isn't Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Rather, it's just a bunch of bug-fixes and should improve the performance of the WiFi. The Sony Xperia S hasn't hit too many markets yet, yet users had already experienced issues establishing a solid WiFi connection.

Sony XPERIA devices control cars on man-made Reckless Racing track

I'm sure you've heard of the popular racing game Reckless Racing by Pixelbite, but have you ever seen it played in real life? That answer should be a solid "No", because XPERIA Studio has reproduced a Reckless Racing track for the first time. They've rigged an XPERIA Play and XPERIA S to control a couple of actual cars around a dirt racetrack. The creator of the game's main challenge was trying "to create an interface that someone can actually drive the car with, in a similar manner to the way that they drive the game".

Sony exposes launch details for new Xperia devices

Clove has just released that the Sony Xperia P and Xperia U should be available on April 23rd. The Xperia P will retail for £315 ($425) and the Xperia U will set you back a bit less, at £199 ($268). These prices reflect the black versions of both handsets, but it's likely they will carry over to other colors.

Sony Xperia S promo video leaks teasing new UI changes

Sony is aiming for a big year in 2012 with Android and today we have a brand new promo video that has leaked. It shows us plenty of what we'll be seeing with their new phones. Xperiablog got their hands on a promo video highlighting key new features of the Sony user interface that shows off a some beautiful new widgets, and even calls the UI "UXP NXT".

Sony Xperia U shows up next to big brother Xperia S

Exciting news if you're a fan of Sony's Xperia designs, but not the huge displays that seem to permeate the mobile world these days: the Sony Xperia U (also known as the Kumquat/st25i) has been spotted in its first set of leaked photos. It's getting comfy with Sony's new international flagship, the Xperia S, in a series of shots found by Android HD Blog (Italian). Both phones share a lot of design DNA, but it looks like the Xperia U is much smaller, with a screen somewhere in the ballpark of 3.2 inches. Like the S, the Xperia U is still running Gingerbread.
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