Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY

Sony confirms: no Ice Cream Sandwich for the Xperia PLAY

Android gamers, I've got some bad news for you: that issue earlier this week that saw the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY removed from Sony's Ice Cream Sandwich update list has been confirmed. In a press statement today, Sony said that they were opting not to release a final Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, on the basis that a stable experience for both phone functions and gaming cannot be achieved on the older hardware.

Sony patent shows Xperia Play with gaming and QWERTY keyboards

As good as the Xperia Play is at doing its assigned task, the hardware is looking a little long in the tooth 14 months after its initial release. So what could be in store for the next Sony gaming/smartphone hybrid? How about a keyboard mechanism that featured both a slide-out gamepad and the more conventional QWERTY keyboard? If an entry in the US Patent and Trademark office can be believed, that's what could be in store.

Sony announces Ice Cream Sandwich delays – no OTA updates either

Sony's been uncharacteristically forthcoming when it comes to their plans on updating phones to Ice Cream Sandwich. The manufacturer committed to updating all of its 2011 Xperia phones to Android 4.0, a promise it's already starting to make good on with ICS betas for The Xperia Play and others. Unfortunately, it looks like users will have to wait a little longer than they'd previously thought. Sony said in December that the first updated phones would be the Xperia Arc S , Neo V and Ray would be getting official updates in March, but they've bumped them back to mid-April. No word on the rest of the Xperia line, previously said to be updated in April or May.

Sony releases official ICS beta for Xperia Play

Great news, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play owners: you can go get your Ice Cream Sandwich on right now. Sony has released a beta ROM of Android 4.0 for the gaming-centric handheld, and it'a available to the poor and the gentry on their download site. Sony previously promised to update all its 2011 Xperia phones to Ice Cream Sandwich, and it looks like they're making good on both the promise and the timetable - this beta comes after a similar program for the Xperia Arc S, Neo V and Ray.

AT&T bundles Sony Tablet P and XPERIA Play for $299

Do you like Android handsets and tablets? Got a thing for non-standard form factors? Want to sign a new contract with AT&T? Then you're a member of an extremely small niche, one that's coincidentally served by AT&T's latest Android phone/tablet bundle. Sony's brand-new Tablet P and the somewhat less than new Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play get the treatment this time: you can pick up both on a pair of new contracts for just $299.99. That's a savings of about a hundred dollars, were you to buy them separately: the Tablet P is $399 and the XPERIA Play is just 99 cents.

OnLive update plays nice with Xperia Play game pad

Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play seems tailor made for online streaming service OnLive: it's small, portable, with a wide screen and - most importantly - a built-in PlayStation-style game pad. These facts may have perturbed owners who tried out OnLive's new Android app, since it defaulted to its touchscreen interface even on the specialized hardware. That minor oversight has been fixed, as PocketGamer reports that the Android app has been updated to support the buttons on the Xperia Play's slide-out keyboard.

Sony Xperia PLAY 4G LTE in the works

The Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY wasn't nearly as popular as many thought it would be, but now there are a few rumors and details going around showing we might be seeing a newer, faster 4G LTE version hit the streets from Verizon. The original wasn't the famed device we expected and had pretty mediocre specs to go with those mediocre sales.

Sony’s Xperia Play has more than 200 optimized games

When Sony Ericsson launched the Xperia Play last year, one of the primary concerns was a dearth of games to take advantage of its PlayStation-style slide-out gamepad. Those concerns appear to have been unfounded: AndroidGuys reports that the company confirmed the availability of more than 200 Xperia Play-optimized Android games. That doesn't hold a candle to the wide array of games availabe on the Android Market, or for that matter, any major gaming console you'd care to mention, but it's an impressive feat none the less.
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