Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active is dual-mode wireless charging capable

While waiting for the merger of two wireless power groups to finally push the wireless charging technology as a standard, let's be content with those few smartphone models that support wireless charging. One of the most popular smartphones today that boast of such technology is the Galaxy S6 along with its sibling, S6 edge. There's even the Captain America's Shield-themed charging pad that's something fans will love.

Samsung Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7 now official

After months of rumors, leaks, sightings, and early previews, the Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 are now official. The two mid-range Android phones have earlier passed by TENAA and some close up images were shown off a few days ago. We knew that the new Galaxy phones are arriving very soon and Samsung China has just listed the two on its website.

Samsung to fix keyboard vulnerability thru KNOX, firmware update

Yesterday, we were all shocked (and a little bit scared, just a little bit) to find out about a vulnerability in Samsung phones that hackers can take advantage off. This is specifically through the SwiftKey keyboard app that is pre-installed in over 600 million Samsung phones. Today both Samsung and SwiftKey have made statements dealing with this issue, although Samsung might not have been happy with SwiftKey’s response.

South Korean carrier brings world’s fastest LTE to commercial use

The world's fastest Internet will theoretically, get even faster. South Korean telco KT Corp, which is the country's largest, has just announced that they will be commercializing their fastest mobile network, which will be called the Giga LTE. It uses the current LTE network, which is considered to be one of, if not the, fastest in the world and combines it with Wi-Fi connections. Now if only it would be available elsewhere, we would all be happy campers.

Samsung lets you record your gaming expeience in Game Recorder+ app

When you play a mobile game, usually, it's for the purpose of relaxing or whiling away your time or trying out new things. More often than not, it is a solitary activity. But for some serious gamers, it becomes more than that. They want to communicate with other players of the game. They want to share how great they are in playing this particular game. They want to help the community with secrets, tips, advise, etc. A new Samsung app lets you do that with the Game Recorder+.

Blackberry and Samsung reportedly teaming up for an Android smartphone

If a certain Russian blogger is to be believed, Android powerhouse Samsung will be teaming up with struggling Blackberry and they will be producing an Android smartphone that will have BB services (which some people are still dependent on/loyal to). This rumor comes days after another report that the next Blackberry phone will not be running on the much discussed Blackberry OS but rather on the more ubiquitous Android platform.

Samsung phones vulnerable to keyboard app hack, 600M affected

If you bought a Samsung phone within the last 2 or 3 years, chances are you need Samsung to plug a vulnerability found within the pre-installed keyboard from 3rd party developer SwiftKey. With this pre-installed keyboard found in almost all Samsung devices produced between 2012 and now, the number of phones with this vulnerability is expected to be around 600 million units. Yes, it’s that bad.