Samsung shuts down secret remote control project

We may not be familiar with this secret project but Samsung’s “Perfect Experience” aka PX will be discontinued. According to a report by Variety, the South Korea giant has shut down the initiative only last July. While putting an end to a project may not be really harsh, the effect was that some employees were laid off including Avner Roner, former CEO of Boxee who joined Samsung when the TV startup was acquired two years ago for a quick $30 million.

Android continues to grow, Samsung and LG account for 78% of all sales

Apple's iOS may be the most popular in all "Big Five" markets in Europe for the second quarter but Android OS still shows relevant growth in the region. The largest markets in Europe that include Spain, France, Italy, Great Britain, and Germany showed that iOS is No. 1 contrary to numbers going down in the United States. Android's continuous growth is mainly due to the numerous mobile devices running the platform and new models being introduced left and right. South Korean giants LG and Samsung both have been good players with their shares going up.

AT&T starts to rollout security patch against Stagefright malware

People’s complaints that Google is so slow in sending out security patches to counteract the Stagefright malware that is giving us all a fright is about to come to an end, or so we hope. They have sent out the “cure” to OEMs, carriers, and partners, and so now the ball is in their court. AT&T has started sending out the updates to their subscribers, but for only, it’s only for a few Samsung smartphones, predictably the newer models.

T-Mobile slashes prices of Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung's latest premium flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, are getting a price cut. We heard about this a few days ago and today, we've got information that T-Mobile is making the promo official. From the full retail price of $679.92, the Galaxy S6 is now down to $579.99 while the Galaxy S6 edge now costs $679.99, down from $779.76.

OpenSignal shows cool visualizations of Android data they’ve gathered

Unlike other digital ecosystems that have more solid figures when it comes to devices, OS, screen sizes, etc, the whole Android world is a bit fragmented. That is especially true over the past year as more and more brands are getting into the game and app developers are being challenged to come up with programs that will work well across all devices and operating systems. OpenSignal has released some cool visualizations of what this looks like so that developers can be guided accordingly.

Samsung to implement new security update process with partners

In light of the Android Stagefright security vulnerability that has frightened users everywhere, as well as Google’s slow response in issuing a security patch to resolve the issue, Samsung has decided that a new security update process needs to be in place. Working with carriers and partners rather than pushing the update directly to consumers has both its advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to mobile security, there should only be a short waiting period.

Photos, AnTuTu score of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaked

We’re just a few days away from the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in New York and that means that more leaks and rumors are flying around. This time around, we have some supposed photos of the upcoming new phablet, as well as the performance score from AnTuTu, a popular mobile benchmarking site. And while none of these can be confirmed as yet, they all seem to be pointing to the same specs so we can assume that these are more or less what we can expect from the new product to be announced next week.

Samsung quietly releases Galaxy S4 Mini Plus, now available

It’s been Samsung’s way to present to the market a smaller, more compact, and budget-friendly version of their flagships when they come out. It’s a testament to the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – the smaller version of the 2-year-old former flagship device – that it has apparently gotten a refresh this year, albeit quietly. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Plus is in most respects the same compact phone, with a better engine.

Xiaomi regains top smartphone position in China; Huawei a close 2nd 

The Chinese smartphone market is truly a different animal from almost the rest of the world as their local OEMs dominate both sales and shipments. According to figures by Canalys, Xiaomi has regained the top ranking, taking over from Apple which was first the previous quarter. In fact, one of three phones shipped in China were either from Huwaei or from Xiaomi, which is now in second place. Apple falls to 3rd, while Samsung and Vivo round up the top five.
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