Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Galaxy Note 5: Will you upgrade?

There’s no escaping Samsung news today as they made the splash and finally released to the public the much-hyped and much-leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The Korean gadget giant is changing gears, focusing now on its phablet devices coming from the smartphone flagships early in the year. And in the Galaxy Note 5, we have a doozy – it’s stacked, hardware-wise. Allow us to show you what has improved 1 year after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which was no slouch to begin with.

Samsung unveils a slew of stylish and functional Galaxy Note 5 accessories

Always expect Samsung to plan a major event when it's announcing new flagship products. Aside from wowing the mobile crowd with their sleek form and premium specs, Samsung managed to showcase some new accessories ready for the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. Not much details are provided but the images are enough to tell us how you can accessorize and protect your next phablet purchase.

T-Mobile adds Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+ to Un-carrier JUMP! On Demand deals

The latest pair of premium phablets from Samsung are finally out. Samsung didn't announce the prices during launch but we know they will be available starting August 21. We've got our hands-on feature on the two devices already and we like the fact that Samsung brought a new sense of style to the Galaxy Note line. As for the Galaxy S6 edge+, this supersized phablet is now more attractive to multimedia enthusiasts.

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ availability details

So now you've seen the sleek beauty of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and enhanced productivity of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Maybe you've thought of getting one. Maybe you even already put up a pre-order, which has started today. Now the question becomes "when will I be able to get my hands on the real device?" Or more importantly, "how much of my arm and/or leg will it cost?" Fortunately for interested buyers, Samsung is throwing the Galaxy Note 5, and the Galaxy S6 edge+ of course, across all available channels. Unfortunately, it might indeed cost you some limbs.

Samsung adds more compatible devices to Game Recorder+

It seems that recording yourself while playing a game has become a continuing trend among mobile gamers. It started out with someone filming the gamer, complete with reactions (hopefully unscripted), commentary and all. And then apps that are specific to this purpose came along, bringing a bit of sophistication to the recording. Then OEMs started making built-in apps for game recording, including the newer models of Samsung. Now their Game Recorder+ has been updated to include more devices and optimized performance as well.

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ hands-on: phablets go sleek

The awaited day has finally arrived. Samsung has pulled the veils off the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+. Suffice it to say, it's everything that we expected and heard it to be, but this time in the flesh. Of course, they look so much better than any render or prototype could ever resemble. And they aren't all show either, sporting the best of the best in hardware, sans a few controversial features. We go hands-on for an appetizer of Samsung's new sleek phablet twins.

This is probably the most nerve-wracking Samsung Galaxy S6 Drop Test ever

I thought we're done with drop tests? Apparently, not for the guys at who recently published another brutal drop test of a Samsung Galaxy S6. So it's just another drop test? It's not an ordinary test because the smartphone was dropped from a higher altitude--not three feet nor six feet--but from an altitude of 50 feet! If you want to see how the test goes, go on and watch the video below.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to have updated ‘People Edge’ feature, more shortcuts added

Day 13 of August may mean unlucky for some people but for avid Samsung fans and Android geeks, it's the day when the new Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 will be unveiled after months of waiting, rumors, and leaked images. Tomorrow, we'll finally know if the Note 5 comes with a new S-Pen and how the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus' curved screen looks when it's bigger than 5.1 inches--probably at 5.7-inches.
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