Samsung Galaxy S5 has best screen, battery life in testing

The Samsung Galaxy S5 might appear to us a very slight upgrade, but it also may have just proved itself more than worthy in testing. When it comes to screen quality and battery life, the Galaxy S5 is tops. In separate tests, battery life on the S5 was shown to be better than other devices, and both screen resolution and color reproduction are touted as best in class.

Carriers ignore release date, sell Galaxy S5 in South Korea

A few days ago, we reported on several South Korean carriers being forced into a blackout period for new device sales. Three carriers were found to be willfully breaking a rule on subsidies, wherein a carrier can’t subsidize a device more than $250. Rather than issue a fine, regulators stopped them from selling phones instead — with the Galaxy S5 being launched in the middle of their blackout. It didn’t work.

HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5 have Android branding on boot

A new bit of branding welcomes you when you boot up a Galaxy S5 or HTC One (M8). This isn’t the usual OEM variety, either — it’s Android. On both handsets, there is a “Powered By Android” notation at the bottom of each screen during boot-up. While not prominent, it is the first time Google has asked for such a thing from OEMs.
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