Samsung Galaxy ad highlights new customization options

We all know that the Android platform is very much customizable, specifically when compared to a certain OS which shall remain nameless but we all know who it is. But then again, if an OEM gives you even more customization options, who are we to complain right? Samsung’s latest ad emphasizes the fact that their new Galaxy devices are “open to customization” and so your smartphone will "look and feel more like you."

Samsung releases own messaging app called Socializer Messenger

With the glut of various messaging apps available for the mobile users, do we really need another one? Well as long as developers are able to come up with innovations and unique features, then of course we do! Samsung has announced they are joining the messaging wars with their own Socializer Messenger and they say they are "taking mobile communications to the next level” through the new features they will be offering.

Screen Off Memo app for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

There’s a cool new feature-slash-app in the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 5, where the phone opens a memo app when you release the S-Pen and you can just start writing. The resulting memo/note/doodle can then be saved as a note or memo file. If you’re still using the Galaxy Note 3 (because of the microSD card slot), that cool new feature has been created in an app just for the Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Mega On sighted on Geekbench3

We're not quite sure if Samsung is trolling us with the already confusing Galaxy-Galaxy Grand-Galaxy Grand On-Galaxy Grand Mega On naming drama but a new model, what's believed be the Samsung Galaxy Mega On was recently spotted on a benchmark test. We all know that if it's not an FCC sighting, a benchmark test means the product is coming very soon. The phablet which we mentioned last month was discovered on Geekbench3 browser.

Samsung announces Galaxy J2 with 4G LTE in India

You would think that India already has too many budget smartphones in the market, and that since a lot of those devices actually come from Samsung, they don’t need another one. But apparently, the Korean OEM thinks otherwise. They have announced a new Galaxy J2 model, this time with 4G LTE, and it will be available only in India (for now). This is the 17th 4G smartphone that they have launched in a country that is considered an emerging power in terms of purchasing largely mid-tier devices.

User was able to have Galaxy Note 5 repaired without extra charge

So if you didn’t know the context of the whole Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen brouhaha, you might find the headline strange or think we’re having a slow news day. But for those who have been following the whole issue with people accusing Samsung of a “design flaw” and then others saying people who put their S Pen backwards are stupid, this field report from one user is significant in its own way.

UK residents can now enjoy Samsung SmartThings products

If you’d like to make sure that your house is secure even when you’re away, there are a lot of tools now available to you that won’t involve setting up a super expensive government-level surveillance system. One of these is the SmartThings product line from Samsung, and now, they are available in the UK to help residents have a truly smarter house that will not just automate a lot of items but also set up a system that would alert you to any “security breaches” at your home.

Galaxy S7 codenamed as Project Lucky, AnTuTu and Geekbench-marked already

The Samsung Galaxy S6 line may not be as successful in terms of sales as expected but the other variants (S6 edge and S6 edge+) have certainly caught our attention. The 2015 flagship phones will soon be replaced by the next model but that's still a few months from now . Of course, rumors can never be too early so allow us to entertain early information and leaks about what could be the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Pay looking to revitalize OEM, mobile payments market

As Samsung prepares to officially launch Samsung Pay in the US later this month, expectations on this new product is pretty high, not just for the Korean OEM but for the whole mobile payment industry. Insiders are saying that it has defied internal expectations since they launched in South Korea last month, and this is a good sign for a service that will go up against powerhouses Apple and Google with their Apple Pay and Android Pay set to go full gear later this year.

Samsung working on new Exynos chip, benchmarked already

Yesterday, Samsung announced that the first ever 12-gigabit (Gb) LPDDR4 will go into mass production later this year. OEMs must be very excited with the news because the huge RAM size means future mobile devices would be slimmer and faster. As for the next Exynos processor, the South Korean giant has not confirmed anything yet but a benchmark was recently sighted, giving us an idea about the upcoming Exynos M1 processor. We don't even know if that's the official name but we're guessing it will be available first in an Android Marshmallow-powered device when the latest mobile platform launches.
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