Lollipop continues: Galaxy Note 4 preview, Galaxy S5 firmware

Samsung fans are surely excited and well teased beyond their limits thanks to SamMobile's unending exclusives on how Android 5.0 will look and behave on the Korean OEM's 2013 and 2014 flagships. After the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Note 3, and the Galaxy S 4 (also in its GPE incarnation), we now turn our eyes to the latest and, some say, the greatest, the Galaxy Note 4. Fans of Google's new Material Design language will probably feel right at home, though much work is to be done, if it's to be done at all.

Super-slim Samsung Galaxy A7 shows up in China’s TENAA

Samsung has yet to announce the Samsung Galaxy A7 – still a part of its “A series” of phones which are out to prove that yes, Sammy can create metal-bound smartphones – but it has shown up rather predictably at the TENAA, or China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center. Its approval by the Chinese certification body means that it should be pushing to market pretty soon, and that we’ll be getting an official announcement any day now.

Preview of Android Lollipop on Galaxy S4 GPE leaked

As some of us still await the arrival of the Android Lollipop 5.0 update, we have to rely on leaked previews to see what it will look like on our gadgets. Google Play Editions are usually next to the Nexus devices to be updated, but since there's still no definite schedule yet, preview builds are our only peek at how our gadgets will change once we receive the preview.

Samsung Mobile CEO not losing his job

Is Samsung going down? No, not yet. The South Korean giant is just going through a downtime with worst earnings and performance in three years. Its Mobile Communications Business for Samsung Electronics president, J.K. Shin, is still staying despite the rumors that the board would be dropping him because of the bad numbers.

Leaked images of TouchWiz themes surface

Samsung could be working on themes for the new TouchWiz but nothing is certain and official yet. We only head rumors about it and recently, images have been discovered which could serve as clues to the TouchWiz themes feature.

Samsung working on a new smartwatch with rotating bezel?

Samsung is cooking up something. Of course, that is always the case but any news or clues of an upcoming smartwatch can be exciting. A patent has recently surfaced about a round smartwatch with rotating bezel. It’s still a concept/patent application but the idea is actually interesting.

Metallic Samsung Galaxy A5 gets a Chinese release

We knew it wouldn't be long before Samsung tries to take its new metallic, unibody devices to other markets and it seems that one of its first stops is in China. The Galaxy A5, more formally known as the SM-A5000, has just landed on Samsung's Chinese web front in an attempt to bring a slightly familiar design (resembling some competitor's device) to a market that is increasingly getting dominated by Apple and Xiaomi.

Insiders say Samsung Galaxy S5 sales 40% lower than expected

It was quite clear that Samsung was visibly upbeat about the potential of the Samsung Galaxy S5, with the South Korean gadget giant increasing production of the current flagship more than compared to past units. It even went through the hassle of launching the device simultaneously in multiple countries back in April, but sources from inside the business say that Samsung is selling Galaxy S5s at least 40% lower than the management expected.
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