Do your own printer troubleshooting with Samsung SPDS app

When you're having trouble with any of your devices, don't you just dread the moment when you'd have to lower your pride and call the customer service hotline? And when it's taking you forever to connect to them, don't you just want to throw your phone at whatever gadget is causing you grief? Yes you can search online for solutions, but how reliable are people on forums? If you have a Samsung printer, a new app called SPDS may finally help you solve your problems.

Yet another fake Samsung Galaxy S6 purchased off Craigslist

Before buying an item off Craigslist or any other website, I suggest you check Reddit first. You may never know what you will read that will serve as a warning. Redditor guitar_guy25 shared his recent experience of being deceived and buying a fake Samsung Galaxy S6 from Craigslist. The incident is something that could have been avoided because it has already happened to someone in the past. Remember that man who got a nicely crafted fake for less than $500? That was really unfortunate. Heartbreaking because that's still his heard-earned money.

New Samsung ad says Galaxy S6 edge brings the new kind of selfie

While we have to accept the fact that we really can't get away from the word selfie, at least, we are now witnessing the evolution of what it is. Nowadays, they don't mean just women making duck faces or men taking pictures of themselves after a gym workout. Thanks to an Ellen-led Oscars stunt a few years ago, people are now trying to cram as many faces as possible into one tiny screen. Samsung says it has the solution to this kind of problem with its Galaxy S6 edge.

Upcoming Galaxy A8 receives TENAA certification

A few days after some images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A8 were leaked, now we have Chinese telecoms governing body TENAA posting on their site that the phablet has passed their certification. It doesn't actually call the device by the official name but instead uses the model number SM-A8000, but we all know which smartphone it refers to. The image on the site also looks similar to the ones that were leaked last week, giving even more credence that the images have some sort of legitimacy.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active is dual-mode wireless charging capable

While waiting for the merger of two wireless power groups to finally push the wireless charging technology as a standard, let's be content with those few smartphone models that support wireless charging. One of the most popular smartphones today that boast of such technology is the Galaxy S6 along with its sibling, S6 edge. There's even the Captain America's Shield-themed charging pad that's something fans will love.

Samsung Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7 now official

After months of rumors, leaks, sightings, and early previews, the Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 are now official. The two mid-range Android phones have earlier passed by TENAA and some close up images were shown off a few days ago. We knew that the new Galaxy phones are arriving very soon and Samsung China has just listed the two on its website.

Samsung to fix keyboard vulnerability thru KNOX, firmware update

Yesterday, we were all shocked (and a little bit scared, just a little bit) to find out about a vulnerability in Samsung phones that hackers can take advantage off. This is specifically through the SwiftKey keyboard app that is pre-installed in over 600 million Samsung phones. Today both Samsung and SwiftKey have made statements dealing with this issue, although Samsung might not have been happy with SwiftKey’s response.
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