Samsung reportedly working on bringing 11K display to mobile devices

If your head and your eyes are still adjusting to the idea of 4k display on your mobile devices, then in a few years, you will probably have to wrap your head around something even bigger (although not necessarily better). A Korean news outfit is reporting that Samsung is now hard at work to bring 11k (yes, that’s not a typo, it really is 11) display to smartphones and tablets, planning to give us more pixels than we ever could have imagined.

Fake Android market prefer Samsung and Xiaomi

We usually see numbers, sales, and financial reports of big companies. Almost every quarter, we learn of figures released by tech giants in several earnings calls. Some companies choose to be quiet though but when it comes to the "Fake Android Market" we're interested to know how the extent of how this is destroying the legit mobile market.

New Samsung Galaxy Note rumored to be unveiled in August

Samsung fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming newest member of the Galaxy Note family. Tradition says it will come out in September, in a side-event at the IFA in Berlin, which is where the four Notes were unveiled year after year. But a rumor is now spreading that it might actually come earlier than expected and be released as early as August. Now as to why this will be is up for speculation as well.

New rumored details emerge for Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus

With the IFA just 2 months away, and a lot of new smartphones and tablets expected to be unveiled that time, more details about new products have been "leaking", spurring on the excitement of tech lovers everywhere. For those eagerly awaiting what Samsung has next, details about the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus have been trickling in, with SAM Mobile saying they have "exlusive information" regarding these new devices.

Samsung outs KitKat-powered Galaxy V Plus budget phone in Malaysia

South Korean tech giant Samsung has just rolled out a new budget Android smartphone in Malaysia. Meet the Galaxy V Plus. This phone is more of a low-end unit so don't expect this to be anything like the Galaxy S5 or any other mid-range offering from Samsung. This one is initially available in the Asian country and we're guessing will also be available in other developing countries.

Samsung launches SM-G9198 Android clamshell phone in China

Others think that flip phones or clamshell phones are a thing of the past but I know a lot of women who like them. There's something nice and classy about bringing out your phone from your bag or pocket and then flipping it open to use and make a call. Okay, so you may not agree about that kind of vain reasoning but this new Samsung SM-G9198 clamshell smartphone might change your mind.

Up close and personal with the new Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung is bent on keeping its “premium feel” line – also known as the Galaxy A Series – alive with this latest device, the Samsung Galaxy A8, which apart from the metallic design that is the signature of this series, aims to be one of, if not THE slimmest Samsung smartphone to date. We are treated here to some hands-on images that show us this gorgeous device that will sit squarely in the upper mid-range market, in pricing if not totally in specs.

South Korean brochure shows (leaks?) Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung still has no official announcement about a new, upcoming phablet, but there have been so many "leaks" and rumors, that they may very well do so very soon. The latest place where users have spotted the supposedly new phablet, the Galaxy A8, is in South Korea, where a brochure (not sure if Samsung or some electronic store brochure though) has featured Samsung's reported new device. The brochure does confirm some of the specs that we've been seeing in pictures and videos that have been making the rounds.

Classic devices get Android 5.1, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy S II

Two old warhorses are getting a taste of Lollipop these days – the Motorola Xoom, one of Motorola (and Verizon’s) first premium tablets, and the Samsung Galaxy S II, the smartphone that started global smartphone domination for Samsung. These devices are ancient by current standards and have no right to be running the latest and greatest Android version, but it is a testament to their robust hardware design and the commitment of aftermarket software developers that this is even possible.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 not eligible for Android 5.0 Lollipop

Since rumors about the Galaxy Note 5 are going around, this could also mean the previous Note models from Samsung are getting older each day. For one, the Galaxy Note 2 is almost three years old now having been introduced at the IFA Berlin in August 2012. Sadly, a mobile device of that age usually cannot be easily upgraded to the latest Android software version because it may not have the minimum hardware requirements.