Samsung will not release the Galaxy Note 5 this July

Despite the strong rumors (or maybe that was just wishful thinking on their part?) that Samsung will break tradition and release the new version of their phablet earlier, an official statement from the Korean OEM's president seems to have debunked that. Samsung President Shin Jong-Kyun confirmed that there will be no June or July announcement of the Galaxy Note 5, although there is still no definite date as to when that will actually happen.

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge head to head with iPhones for internet speed

In the US, there are only a few places where internet speeds are a problem, whether through wifi or 4G connectivity. But have you ever wondered if phone modems are all made equal? That is, are there wifi modems in smartphones which are faster than the others? A Youtube user “adrianisen” has put this to the test by testing a Samsung Galaxy S6, a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, an iPhone 6, and an iPhone 6 Plus via a wifi connection.

Rumored Galaxy S6 Active’s QHD screen confirmed in UA profile

Just a few days ago we talked about how the Samsung Plus program page showed that the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 Active was supposed to have launched alongside the new flagship and the Galaxy S6 edge last month. While there is still no official word that this variant will actually happen (although based on past experience, it will), a User Agent profile confirms that it will indeed have a QHD screen and also indicated the model number of the upcoming smartphone.

Samsung Flow now available in beta for selected devices (US only)

If you're a Samsung eco-system believer (meaning, you love Samsung products and buy them all the time), then the newest app they've introduced should please you, if you have a smartphone and/or a phablet, and a tablet. Samsung Flow was introduced last November, but it is now only available as a beta version and it will ensure a seamless transition between your selected Samsung gadgets. For now though, it is limited for those residing in the US only.

T-Mobile updates Galaxy Tab S to Lollipop, coming soon on Xperia Z3, Z1s

Yeah, you're probably tired of hearing that Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming to this and this gadget or will not be released to so and so device. But until all those waiting for the updates to their device are fully satisfied, then the news and updates have to keep on coming. Today, it's the turn of T-Mobile subscribers. Samsung Galaxy Tab S owners will finally be happy, while Sony Xperia Z3 and Z1s users will have to wait a little more.

Samsung and Cigna to help you manage your health and fitness

Monitoring your activities, watching the things you consume, checking up on your fitness goals: these things used to be done only by disciplined people, writing compulsively in their little notebooks, or for the more organized ones, making excel sheets and charts just to be able to make sense of it all. Thank goodness for the invention of apps, wearables, etc to make our fitness tracking much easier. Samsung and global health service company Cigna have teamed up to bring you a new health and fitness app called Coach By Cigna.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo to receive Lollipop update soon

Earlier this year, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo were given the good news that even though their device was on the lower end of the spectrum, they will still be given an upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop. Well, half of the year is almost done and yet there is still no confirmation if this is still pushing through or when will it arrive. Well, a recent tweet from Samsung Netherlands reaffirms that it will indeed arrive, but as to when it will be updated is still the question mark.

How to spot a fake Samsung Galaxy S6

Fake gadgets are nothing new. China may be an emerging market but it's the main source of replicas, clones, fakes, and copycats. And with all the improvement in technology, it's much easier to copy ideas and designs these days. Sad to say, there is a "fake industry" that's annoying yet business is booming in the underground. You may remember that Redditor who bought a nicely-crafted fake Samsung Galaxy S6 for less than $500. It was really heartbreaking but we knew he wasn't the only one and he wouldn't be the last to share his experience about getting a phone clone.

Samsung Wallet to cease operations on June 30

Mobile payment is still relatively new but there are only a few services that have been successful in the industry. Unfortunately, Samsung Wallet won't be in that category as Samsung is about to discontinue the payment service only after a little more than two years. It was developed as a mobile app which was immediately marked as an Apple Pay rival.