Samsung partners with designers for accessories for Galaxy S6, S6 edge

Samsung has released their new collection of accessories for the new flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. And these aren't just any simple smartphone cases, but rather beautifully designed cases from handpicked brands and designers that they believe match their philosophy of forward-thinking fusion of fashion and technology. The accessories, along with other audio and power products will be available in the Galaxy Essentials app that comes with the two smartphones out of the box.

Android 5.1 update coming soon to Galaxy S6, S6 edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge's Android 5.1 Lollipop update was tipped for next month, just in time for summer. The information was from an update schedule Rogers posted, saying the software update is for the winning pair. The only difference between the two models is the dual curved edge display screen of the S6 edge. The latter has that "wow" factor because of the unique screen--actually a first for any smartphone.

Here’s how Samsung made the metal and glass of the Galaxy S6, S6 edge

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are no doubt two great phones. The latest flagships from the South Korean giant have been much talked about even before their official announcement and actual release. Several benchmark and stress tests have already proven either one of the two can survive under normal situations. And as with most successful products, the pair has undergone careful planning, extensive research, and development.

Samsung’s new ad is “GIF-powered” but may be headache-inducing

What do you get when you put together a seemingly new concept for a video (it's made of GIFs!), a supposedly catchy (but turns out to be annoying) song, a message that wants to appeal to potential new smartphone owners, but a look that might appeal to teenagers who may not be able to afford said smartphone? Well, apparently, you get Samsung's new video to promote the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. And based on comments so far, it seems to not hit its intended mark.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus with larger screen tipped for August

Samsung has done very well with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones. Demand for the S6 Edge with its curved screen has been very high and Samsung has warned that supply won’t be able to meet demand. The hold up in production for the S6 Edge so far has been availability for the curved screen.

Slickwraps’ Hero series gives you an alternative Iron Man Galaxy S6

If you're a Marvel fan, specifically a fan of the red iron-wearing Avenger, you must have been over the moon when Samsung announced they are releasing a limited edition Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge. But when you thought about how expensive it will probably be, then you may have been starting to get depressed, not to mention they won't be releasing a Galaxy S6 version. But the folks over at Slickwarps have a sort-of solution that might be the next best thing.

Samsung developing denser batteries, slimmer camera modules

This is not a surprise, if you guys know what I mean. Samsung should be doing research in these areas, given the trend of ever-increasing battery capacity and the “slimming down” of devices. We are talking about Samsung looking into denser batteries (that means higher capacity to you), and slimmer camera modules (which means slimmer devices overall).

Samsung bringing easier adjustment of exposure to Galaxy S6, S6 edge

When it comes to the camera and its easy functions, some say that Apple has been way ahead of the game in some aspects compared to most Android smartphones, specifically Samsung. People who own both an iOS and Android device (this writer included) would still automatically turn to their iPhone when it comes to picture-taking crunch time, not because it has the best one, but because it is much easier to use.