Difference between Sony, Samsung camera sensors in Galaxy S6 shown

There was a rumor going around that Samsung was not using Sony’s IMX240 camera sensor/module exclusively on its new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6. That rumor has been proven true – whether it was caused by a shortage of Sony’s sensors we don’t really know – but some enterprising reporters have checked and found out that their Galaxy S6 has Samsung’s own ISOCELL camera sensor. Now the big question is – is there a difference?

Camera enhancements coming soon for Galaxy S6 through Android update

The Android 5.1.1 update still hasn't arrived for devices (except for Nexus devices that have received a "factory image"), but it looks like owners of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have something good to look forward to. While the cameras of the said flagship devices are already considered the best in the market, there is still some room for improvement. And it seems like the mini-update to the Android Lollipop will bring a few more enhancements to the cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S6 ‘Iron Man’ version to come out soon

Some are already touting the Samsung Galaxy S6 as the “best phone of 2015”, and there’s good reason behind that. Now it seems like Samsung is confident enough in its flagship device to play around with the marketing of the Samsung Galaxy S6. As soon as this month – or as soon as Samsung ties down the details of the deal with Marvel – an “Iron Man” version of the Galaxy S6 will be coming out.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge starts receiving Lollipop update

As they say (whoever they are), good things come to those who wait. For the owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the wait for the Android 5.0 Lollipop has been fraught with anxiety (are we really going to get an update?), impatience (why aren't we getting it yet?), and despair (we're never going to get it are we?). But finally, the wait is over as the official announcement is here. Well, at least for those who are on T-Mobile, that is.

Samsung goes around the world in Next Is Now product demo

Samsung is really going all-out to market and promote its latest flagship, the Galaxy S6. Their newest publicity campaign spans three countries and involves three very different kinds of personalities who will be showcasing the smartphone's best features in a live demo involving their respective fields of expertise. The events will also be live-streamed, giving users everywhere the first-hand digital experience of the Next Is Now campaign, and maybe even convincing people to actually purchase the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will probably not get Lollipop update

We knew it was too good to be true! Last December, rumors were floating around that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will receive a surprising Android 5.0 Lollipop update, despite the fact that it is almost 3 years old. However, months later, there is still no solid, technical evidence that there will ever be an update to the phablet that probably started it all. And if a Facebook post from Samsung Gulf is to be believed, it is actually never going to happen.

Watch Samsung master the impossible with the Galaxy S6 edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a thing of beauty. It's the first smartphone in the world with a dual curved display screen, taking after last year's Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung has gained a lot of praises for the newest flagship phones and the South Korean company is even having a hard time keeping up with the demands that it opened up its new factory earlier than planned. All these are happening while Samsung is going on full force marketing the premium phones.

Guest Mode coming to Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge with Android 5.1 update

One of the newest things that the Android 5.0 Lollipop brought to devices on this platform is the guest mode feature, which essentially allows each Android smartphone or tablet to have multiple users on just one gadget. However, Samsung chose not to have this function on their devices, for some reason. But now, it looks like their newest flagships, the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will be getting this feature once they have been upgraded to Android 5.1.1 which should be coming really soon.