Samsung Gear S2 hands-on: getting cozy with Android

Samsung was one of the first to jump into the smartwatch scene with its custom Android-based Galaxy Gear. Back then, not many paid attention to what many labeled as a fad that would disappear in a few months. Now almost two years later, the smartwatch market remains and Samsung is unveiling yet another wearable innovation in the Gear S2 and its rotating bezel control. But before you go knocking this smartwatch because it isn't running Android Wear, perhaps you might want to take a second look. This time, Samsung is making it work with any modern Android smartphone.

Samsung announces SLEEPsense sleep tracker

The Internet of Things(IoT) has just begun--it's happening slowly but surely. We've been seeing a number of products and services introduced left and and at this year's IFA, expect more IoT products to be unveiled. One of the forerunners is Samsung with the launch of SLEEPsense--a flat circular device that tracks a person's sleep patterns, hours, and movements.

Samsung tweaks: Root and TWRP on Galaxy S5, add missing toggles and super 4k recording

We have a few tweaks and tricks for Samsung devices featured today, all care of our friends over at the XDA developers’ forum. As quintessential fans of the Android platform, we usually promote ways for people to bring the performance of their Android devices to a higher level. That said, these tweaks usually require root access, and will void any kind of warranty. If you want to swap that for better performance, read on.

Samsung adds more treats for iPhone users buying after Test Drive

It looks like Samsung really is determined to bring to Android (or at least their own kind of Android) people from the other side. After letting iPhone users test drive the Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5, they will be now giving away goodies worth $200 if those who participated there will decide to buy any of the Samsung devices they tried out. And this offer lasts until the first day of next year, so you still have a few months to decide.

Officially official: Samsung Gear S2 Tizen OS-powered smartwatch

We've only been waiting for this and finally, Samsung has unveiled the Gear S2. The new smartwatch is the second-gen Tizen OS-powered wearable from the South Korean giant, ready to rival the Apple Watch and the numerous Android Wear watches in the market. The device was teased less than a couple of weeks ago, with Samsung promising a more fun, personalized, and enhanced smartwatch experience.

Video shows how to get your S-Pen unstuck in Galaxy Note 5

We’ve heard the arguments pro and against Samsung regarding this whole "S-Pen gets stuck if you put it in backwards in the Galaxy Note 5, from the humorous to the ridiculous to the rational. But the more important thing now, moving forward, particularly for the owners of the newest phablet from the Korean OEM is: “what do you do when your S-Pen actually gets stuck there???” Fortunately, a YouTube tech channel has found a simple and truly inexpensive way to set it free.

Samsung opens beta testing for Samsung Pay for qualified parties

Samsung Pay is set to launch by September 29, but as early as now, you can sign up and be a beta tester. There are certain requirements that you need to meet in order to qualify for the program, specifically regarding your Samsung unit, having an active account, having a qualifying credit card, and lastly, which carrier you’re currently subscribed to. It’s also a given that you understand that beta testing is meant as a dry run and so not all the spokes and wheels might turn, so frustration with the service is a given.

Site shows details on why putting S Pen wrong will damage your Galaxy Note 5

There have been endless discussions, heated debates and finger pointing regarding the supposed “design flaw” of the Galaxy Note 5 that obviously damages your device when you put in your S Pen backwards. But whether Samsung should have designed it better or people should be smarter when using their devices, some may be curious about what does happen when you put it in wrong and why it will sometimes irreparably damage your phablet. 9 to 5 Google gave a great explanation as to the process and what you can do (if anything).

Samsung Galaxy Grand On,  Galaxy Mega On specs leaked

Are you already confused with so many Samsung Galaxy devices out in the market, and very little distinguishing one line from the other? Well, get ready to be even more confused as the Korean OEM is set to release a new series which will be called On or O (depending on the region where it will be released) and is closely similar to the entry-level Galaxy J devices. The first two smartphones that will reportedly be released are the Galaxy Grand On and the Galaxy Mega On.
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