Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung reveals high-end speaker docks with Galaxy S compatibility

It never rains but it pours. After iLuv revealed its ArtStation Pro dock for the various Galaxy Tabs, I had a feeling we'd be seeing a few more model-specific docks coming out, and just today the Nook Color and Nook Tablet got the treatment via ReaderDock. Samsung itself has announced a new series of audio equipment, all of which will work out of the box with Galaxy S (and presumably Galaxy S II phones).

Galaxy S II gets a pink makeover in Taiwan

Pink phones have gone out of the mainstream here in the US, at least as far as iPhones are concerned. Don't worry, you can still cover your iPhone in as much pink leather and "real" Swarovski crystals as you'd like at half a dozen carts at you local mall - you too, ladies. But as far as actual phones go, you're pretty much restricted to white or black these days. But if you live in Taiwan, you've got a new option if you like the Galaxy S II as much as we do: Samsung has released the pink version of the international phone in the market.

More official Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs leaked for the Galaxy S II

The boys at SamMobile are at it again, releasing newly uncovered versions of the official Ice Cream Sandwich update for the international version of the Galaxy S II. Two new versions are available, running Android 4.0.1 and 4.0.3, with the labels I9100XXKP4 and I9100XKP8. It's not clear why you'd choose the earlier ROM, but they probably chose to include it for the sake of completeness. These are the official Samsung software updates in alpha/beta form, complete with the TouchWiz interface - for better or worse.

Android Community Yearly Wrap-Up: 2011

This past year we've seen the Android OS grow to unimaginable heights and it has helped reassure its adopters time after time they are in good hands. Through the countless devices we've handled and reviewed, the devices and merchandise given away, and events we've attended - 2011 been one of our best year's! Though indiscrete after a while, one of our biggest changes was our AC logo. It proved to be a much welcome change to the entire community. Also, this is the first year of Device.AC - our Android Community device database. Its got the specific specs of the latest and greatest to earliest and iconic Android devices. The release of Google+ and Google Music were quite significant as well. They have brought us closer to acquaintances of all kinds - whether it be friends or co-workers.

Samsung’s dual SIM kick continues with the Galaxy S II Duos

Just yesterday we got our fist look at the Galaxy Y Duos and the Galaxy Y Pro Duos, Samsung's latest low-cost mobiles designed for users who need an extra SIM card in their phone. Today Sammy Hub reports on the first details of a more up-market version, based on the ever-popular Galaxy S II platform. The I-929 Galaxy S II Duos mirrors the older models in almost every way, though it appears that there's a little extra junk in the trunk to accommodate dual SIM card slots.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II software update rolling out now

Today T-Mobile and Samsung are pushing out a software update for the highly popular 4.52" screen packing Galaxy S II. It looks like those HTC handsets over on T-Mobile aren't the only ones having some upgrade fun this week. The Galaxy S II T-Mobile update is rolling out as we speak and should also be available via Kies for those opting for that route as usual.

Samsung Galaxy S II test ROM leaks with Ice Cream Sandwich [UPDATE]

What's this? An official Samsung ROM with the most desirable bit of software this holiday season? Someone out there has been a very god little Android modder this year, and if you own the international version of the Galaxy S II, you can take advantage of his or her good fortune. Sammobile got their ans on a leaked version of Ice Cream Sandwich for the SGSII, and the adventurous can flash it at their leisure.

Galaxy S II GPS errors recognized by Vodafone

Those of you with a Galaxy S II on Vodafone's network may have been experiencing some GPS connection issues after your OTA update to 2.3.3. This doesn't strike me as too surprising, as Samsung Androids have had a brief history of GPS bugs. Whats been happening on these plagued Galaxy S II's is the GPS either takes too long to home in on your location or simply never does. Unlike some carriers Vodafone definitely took these complaints seriously.
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