Samsung Galaxy S II

T-Mobile Galaxy S II update to ICS available tonight – only on a PC

In T-Mobile's usual fashion they have updated their official support page today for their Samsung Galaxy S II, detailing the upgrade to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. At the first of the month they tweeted the update was coming on the 11th, but today its been confirmed. We do have some bad news however. The update won't be offered over the air with a painless and easy update like most -- More details below.

Samsung’s Galaxy S line sells 50 million worldwide

If there's any doubt that Samsung is the current king of Android smartphones (and smartphones in general, as a matter of fact) let it be put to rest here. The company has issued a statement that its Galaxy S and Galaxy S II phones have reached the hands of more than 50 million distributors worldwide. Combine that with an estimated 10 million pre-orders for the brand new Galaxy S III, and you've got what is easily the best-selling line of Android phones ever.

Wallee M Kickstarter is an awesome modular case for the Galaxy Nexus

Kickstarter has some great projects in the mobile space, and a lot of them are for nifty accessories you'd be unlikely to see anywhere else - check the Pebble Smart Watch for an exception. But finally there's a worthy case we can get behind, because the creators have wisely decided to include both the Galaxy Necus and the Galaxy S II in their support. If you're looking for a unique and certifiably awesome dock for your desk or car, check out Wallee.

Samsung SHV-E170K brings Snapdragon S4 to Korea

It's been just over a week since Samsung announced the Galaxy S III, but industry watchers will know that the company has never let something as small as a flagship launch months in the making get in the way of yet another launch. So it is with the Samsung SHV-E170K, a phone curiously devoid of Galaxy branding and headed to the KT wireless carrier in South Korea later this month. SammyHub spotted the phone among some other, older phones being introduced to the carrier.
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