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Google Nexus S in Space Round 2 [Video]

Lets talk about a different Samsung device for a minute, this is the Google Samsung Nexus S and its made the long trek to space. Back in July we told you about the Nexus S joining the space shuttle Atlantis for its last trip to space. Today the team at Google has updated us with an awesome video clip showing some of the amazing work NASA and the Nexus S are doing so check it out after the break.

Mobiado Releases a Luxury Nexus S, Calls it the Grand Touch

We have seen a few luxury brands in the past release some awesome smartphones but this one might just be one of the better ones we've seen yet. A little gold plating and Gingerbread goes a long ways if you ask me. What we have here is the Samsung Nexus S outfitted with Mobiado's touch of class. The pictures say it all.

Motorola Remains Independent, No Necessary Nexus in Future

While Google's purchase of the Motorola group may mean many things for Google, especially along the lines of patents, Motorola will, if Andy Rubin and Motorola's Sanjay Jha are to be trusted, still act as a separate company. In addition, Rubin has doubly assured the Android public that the next Nexus device coming from Google will not necessarily be a Motorola device, and that Motorola "will be part of that bidding process" but will not necessarily be a certain lock-in.

Nexus S 4G Peter Alfonso ROM Nightlys Available Now

It appears that longtime Droid-only ROM and Kernel developer Peter Alfonso has finally come over to the Samsung side to create a version of his Droid build "GPA17" for Samsung's Nexus S 4G. This ROM will be released soon, but for now you'll be adventuring through some nightly builds one by one, helping Alfonso with his developing of said ROM until it's ready for full release. Check out the sweet new flavors!

Samsung Nexus S Free from Best Buy Today Only, All Versions Included

Have you been eying that Samsung Nexus S or been wanting a shiny new Gingerbread device without breaking the bank, well today is the perfect moment for just that. Today and today ONLY Best Buy is offering all available versions of the popular Google Samsung Nexus S device absolutely free. You can't forget the handcuffs though because this is only with a new 2-year contract of course.

AT&T Nexus S on sale July 24

If you are on AT&T and have been lusting after the Samsung Nexus S Android smartphone the device is coming to AT&T. The smartphone packs in the specifications that we are already familiar with from when the smartphone hit other carriers like Cincinnati Bell. The smartphone will hit Best Buy Mobile stores on July 24 and the pre-ordering begins today.

Google Nexus S Joins Space Shuttle Atlantis for Final Mission

The space shuttle Atlantis may very well be the last to fly to outer space by NASA for awhile but plenty of other programs like Space X are making plans to be in space plenty over the next few years. Lucky for NASA and Google apparently a Google Nexus S was lucky enough to take flight with them today. Exciting huh?

Simms22 Releases Android Version 6.6.6 for Quad-Core Jesus Phone

Yesterday we bore witness to a supposed leak photographed by Mister Blurrycam himself, one that showed an update to the Nexus S to be version 2.3.5. While this isn't outside the realm of reality we do admit, there's a bit more to the story than simple numbers and nonsense. There has been a report that there will soon be an update to the Nexus S that may well have no version number upgrade at all, but will bring additional NFC support, 4G widgets and several bug fixes, but now let's talk about Simms22 and his magical machine.

Simms Destroys Smartbench 2011 with Nexus S, Beats XOOM by almost 4x

Here's the thing with benchmarks - and I said I'd never talk about how they're inaccurate again, but here we are - they're inaccurate. The fact that they can be fiddled with and bugs, (like the one our own Simms22, aka the head of the Android Community forums just found below), might lead some to believe that they're useless. I say nay, and Simms22 says nay, us both on a united front of nayness like you've never heard before. That said, look at the destruction Simms22 has dug up with his magical Nexus S, the magic maker overclocked to heaven and back.
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