Motorola X-Phone

Motorola X-Phone confirmed by job listing

We've heard a few little trickles of information regarding the rumored joint effort between Google and Motorola called the X-Phone. While we haven't seen anything concrete yet, today a job listing from none other than Motorola Mobility themselves has apparently confirmed the device. Spotted by Phandroid, it looks like Moto is looking for a senior director for the product.

Motorola X-Phone: Most wanted features

Now that Google and Motorola are rumored to be working together on the next flagship phone for the company, and potentially for Android, we want to go over a few of our most-wanted features. For those unaware multiple reports are claiming Google and Motorola have an X-Phone nearly finished, and an X-Tablet coming soon. With all the recent rumors and Google CEOs dancing around questions we figured we'd ask you guys - our readers - what you want from the X-Phone.

Motorola X-Phone rumors claim May release, 5-inch screen, all major carriers

Well we knew they were coming sooner or later. After multiple reports confirmed Google and Motorola were working together on the newly acquired manufacturers next handset, we're now seeing a few tips and rumors with some bold and big claims. Multiple sources have come forward claiming to have some details about a May release date, 5-inch edge-to-edge bezel free displays, and Nexus-like in its OS. Read on for a few of the better rumors floating around.
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