Motorola X-Phone

Moto X hands-on: everything you need to know

Just announced this afternoon is the highly anticipated new Moto X smartphone from the partnership between Google and Motorola. We've been following this new phone (and the new Motorola) for a while now, but this afternoon everything is finally official. Can Google help Motorola get back on track to be a top player in the mobile game dominated by Samsung and Apple? This new Moto X surely is headed in the right direction. Below we'll be going over a little of everything, so check it out.

Moto X official: 4.7-inch display, Android 4.2.2 and more for $199

Today is officially Motorola day. After all the waiting, and loads of leaks and rumors the Google Moto X is finally official, and we have all the details. Here in New York City we've just learned all about the "New Motorola" and their impressive next-gen smartphone, and you certainly won't be disappointed. Everything we knew leading up to today was accurate, and this 4.7-inch contextually aware and customizable phone is as real as it gets.

Moto X gets official on August 1st at NYC press event

Motorola has taken the next step towards releasing the Moto X. The company has just announced an event for August 1st. The event invite didn't reveal much in the way of details, but it is refreshing to see that an event date has been announced. The image that accompanied the image (seen below) has nothing more than a few people sitting around.

Motorola teases Moto X with look inside Texas plant

The saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is simply another way of saying that an image can be presented without large amounts of text and still be able to get the point across. We aren't sure how many words can be attributed to this picture, however we are seeing what Motorola is doing -- trying to keep everyone thinking about the Moto X.

Moto X promo video leaks with hints of Android 4.3

We have not one, but two videos of the Moto X for you this fine Sunday afternoon. If you've been waiting to see the Moto X in all it's glory, today we're getting an official look thanks to a leaked promo video from Canada's Rogers Wireless. Someone's not going to be happy about this one. An official video has leaked showing off the phone, hands-free voice actions, and what appears to be plenty of custom or Android 4.3 features as well.

Verizon Moto X sighting confirms Google’s aim for all carriers

The Motorola X just can't stay out of the news as of late. Earlier today we received what looks to be the clearest pictures yet of the new hero smartphone for Google, as Eric Schmidt himself was using the device. Now, we're seeing the first image of the Moto X running on Verizon Wireless. Confirming (again) the device is headed to all carriers, and Verizon won't just be sticking with the DROID lineup.

Moto X custom backs tipped to include wood, ceramic and more

The details around Google and Moto's X continue to leak and the days grow closer to the rumored August 23th release date. At this rate we might know everything before Motorola actually confirms them with an official announcement. Earlier today we got our best look yet with Google's own Eric Schmidt holding a sharp looking white Moto X, and now we're getting more details about the customization options.

Moto X makes public debut courtesy of Google’s Eric Schmidt

As if there hadn't been enough hype surrounding the Moto X, it looks like we now have a true in-the-wild sighting. Though, given the circumstances this one can hardly be considered a leak. Instead what we have is Google's Eric Schmidt simply using the handset. These images come by way of the annual Allen & Co. conference and as you will see throughout this post -- are showing the Moto X in white.

Verizon HTC One and Moto X release date leaked

All the details regarding Verizon's upcoming plans have reportedly been revealed today in a brand new release date roadmap. A purported document from a Verizon store has been leaked showing the release date for some high-priority devices like the HTC One, and even Motorola's mysterious Moto X. If you've been wondering when they're coming, we could have all the details below.

Moto X image leaks showing off a matte black backing

The Moto X smartphone leaks continue. This latest image has arrived by way of China and is showing a full assembled Moto X in black. This particular image has the handset being photographed in matte black and giving a look at the back and the top of the handset. Nothing over-the-top has been revealed with this latest leak, but we are seeing how the headphone jack is sitting centered along the top of the handset.
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