LG rolls outs G4 Beat mid-range Android phone

Soon after that rumor of an LG G4 S being in the works, a new smartphone from LG has just been announced: the LG G4 Beat. It's also known as the LG G4s but the 'Beat' name seems to be less confusing. Call it the LG G4 Beat but in Europe and the CIS region, it will be known as the G4s.This one is a mid-range phone but with superior specs and premium design almost similar to the flagship model and a much affordable price.

LG G4 flies around LA aboard a drone, watch Full HD footage here

The LG G4 is a masterpiece. We believe the smartphone is powerful especially its groundbreaking 16MP rear sensor camera equipped with f/1.8 low-light lens, Laser Autofocus, and Optical Image Stabilization. Phone is also tough having been able to survive being submerged in water for hours and that breath-holding drop test. We're not quite convinced though that the new flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant is better than the Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6  s we reported yesterday but let's focus on the G4's camera because it's really impressive.

LG G Pro 3 rumored specs leaked, possibly out by Q4

There were hints that Korean manufacturer LG was calling time on its LG G Pro phablet line – the product series targets those LG fans who want bigger screens on their mobile devices – because they didn’t put out a successor to the LG G Pro 2 last year. Industry pundits attribute that to the concentration the company put in launching the LG G4 flagship. Now rumors are starting to surface that LG might be putting out the LG G Pro 3 before the year ends.

LG G4 S in the works, with lower specs than the original G4

The LG G4 might have a sibling as an LG G4 S has been leaked recently. This gives us an idea how this new LG smartphone looks like a lot like the G4 but this is believed to be the lower-specced version. No, the 'S' for LG doesn't mean the same as the 'S' in Apple's iPhone models which means an improved version but there are lot of people who would be willing to be this more affordable LG G4.

Android top in the US but not Europe; Galaxy S6 sales boost Samsung

We've been wondering if the good reviews of Samsung's new flagship, the Galaxy S6 will translate to sales to help boost the previous smartphone champs. The number (at least from Kantar) are in, and it looks like they have indeed helped the OEM regain top spot in the US, becoming the third best-selling smartphone in the country, just after the iPhone 6 and Samsung's previous flagship, the Galaxy S5. Android has also continued to regain the top spot in the US when it comes to sales, but in Europe's big five, it's still a no go.

LG Tribute 2 and Volt 2 now available on Boost Mobile

New and updated versions of some of LG's smartphone lines are now available, bringing faster processors, hopefully faster LTE speeds, and improved features. Both the LG Tribute 2 and Volt 2, the second generation device of their respective lines, are now available on Boost Mobile, a prepaid carrier available in the US. Both devices will be carrying enhanced LTE which means faster web-browsing and streaming of your favorite video and music services.

LG Chem intros new Hexagon battery for smartwatches

After South Korean giant Samsung announcing that it's working on a new battery technology with double capacity, here comes its rival LG also with a new battery technology. This time though, LG Chem's offering is a smaller battery that is ideal to be used on future smartwatches. This is LG's entry into the relatively new industry of small batteries for wearables.

LG rolls outs camera-centric, sound-powered Band Play mid-range phone

After the hype about the LG G4 has died down, the South Korean giant has announced a new smartphone but this time, for the mid-range category. The LG Band Play is a new model that is said to be camera and sound focused. This means the cameras are powerful and phone offers an impressive audio listening experience. Not that there are no other camera- and sound-centric smartphones today but LG has reinforced this phone with more powerful cameras and lens and speakers for a higher camera and audio quality.

LG reportedly releasing G4 Pro later this year

Despite earlier rumors that LG will discontinue their G Pro line because it may be seen as redundant to the flagships released after it, it seems that the rumor mill is alive once again, saying otherwise. A Russian website (and apparently, a Chinese one too) is saying that the LG G4 Pro will still be coming out later this year, and that the specs will put the current LG G4 flagship to shame.
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