Half-Life spotted running on Android Wear

Now we know it is possible, because someone has actually published a video of an Android Wear smartwatch running the 1998 vintage classic shooting game “Half-Life”. It’s not quite Half-Life 3 yet, but it’s definitely something. You would ask “why?”, but there is no answer to that. People just go ahead and do stuff, they don’t need any other reason to be awesome.

Mugen’s extended battery for the LG G4 gives it twice the power

Mugen has made a name for itself as a great alternative battery for the most popular smartphones. Every time an OEM will release a new flagship or a new major smartphone, you can expect that they are not far behind and will be announcing a new battery case or extended battery, made especially for whatever new device it is. This time, it’s the turn of the LG G4 to get an extended battery from Mugen, and it is something that will give your smartphone twice the power as compared to the original battery.

LG Tone Active is the Bluetooth headset to accompany your workouts

When you’re working out or being all active, sometimes, the accompanying music is just as important as the actual activity you’re doing, since it helps motivate you and push you to do more. So it is really important that the headset or earphones you’re using is of really good quality and all. One pair aiming to capture your heart, or rather, your ears, is the newest one in the LG Tone series, the Bluetooth headset called the LG Tone Active.

LG rolls outs G4 Beat mid-range Android phone

Soon after that rumor of an LG G4 S being in the works, a new smartphone from LG has just been announced: the LG G4 Beat. It's also known as the LG G4s but the 'Beat' name seems to be less confusing. Call it the LG G4 Beat but in Europe and the CIS region, it will be known as the G4s.This one is a mid-range phone but with superior specs and premium design almost similar to the flagship model and a much affordable price.

LG G4 flies around LA aboard a drone, watch Full HD footage here

The LG G4 is a masterpiece. We believe the smartphone is powerful especially its groundbreaking 16MP rear sensor camera equipped with f/1.8 low-light lens, Laser Autofocus, and Optical Image Stabilization. Phone is also tough having been able to survive being submerged in water for hours and that breath-holding drop test. We're not quite convinced though that the new flagship phone from the South Korean tech giant is better than the Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6  s we reported yesterday but let's focus on the G4's camera because it's really impressive.

LG G Pro 3 rumored specs leaked, possibly out by Q4

There were hints that Korean manufacturer LG was calling time on its LG G Pro phablet line – the product series targets those LG fans who want bigger screens on their mobile devices – because they didn’t put out a successor to the LG G Pro 2 last year. Industry pundits attribute that to the concentration the company put in launching the LG G4 flagship. Now rumors are starting to surface that LG might be putting out the LG G Pro 3 before the year ends.
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