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Pantech Perception hands-on and unboxing

Today we have another unique handset to share with everyone from the folks at Verizon Wireless and Pantech. This 4.8-inch 720p display rocking smartphone is called the Pantech Perception and recently became available on Verizon for those on a budget. With specs similar to the Galaxy S III, and some features we've seen on the S4, it was worth a quick look so take a peek below.

Samsung to launch the Galaxy Discover without TouchWiz

The Galaxy Discover was revealed as coming to Straight Talk and Net10 earlier this morning, however it seems Samsung has opted to do something unique with this particular handset. They are going to launch it without the TouchWiz user interface. This will not change the fact that the device is launching with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but still, we suspect some may prefer a vanilla ICS as compared to a TouchWiz filled Jelly Bean experience.

Android usage report released showing the slow and steady climb of Jelly Bean

The latest Android usage numbers have been released by Google. if you remember back to last month we were excited because Jelly Bean reached a double digit percentage and Cupcake officially dropped off. This month, we have to say that the numbers came with not quite as much in terms of surprise. Basically, Jelly Bean usage increased a bit and Gingerbread usage decreased a little bit.

BLU unleashes Quattro series with NVIDIA Tegra 3

BLU has some big plans to shake up the smartphone space, today introducing a new line of smartphones that come complete with NVIDIA Tegra 3 processors. The new series is called Quattro, and though it may not sound like anything special, one of the big draws of the line will be that the phones are offered unlocked at a rather inexpensive price. There are three devices in all: the Quattro 4.5, Quattro 4.5 HD, and Quattro 5.7 HD.

HD Widgets Colourform theme hands-on

This week HD Widgets gets rather colorful in a new set of widgets that take what the app already does extremely well and cuts it all down to a rather Pop Art friendly phase. This release comes as a separate download from the main HD Widgets (now at version 3.8, mind you), and brings you a variety of new backs, fronts, colors, and everything in-between for your fully customizable widget family. HD Widgets just went full tilt simplistic for those that are weary of the skeuomorphism designs of the past - get flat!

HTC Thunderbolt is back: gets update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

If you're the proud owner of the HTC Thunderbolt we have some amazing news today that you probably thought was never coming. You'll never believe this, but HTC and Verizon have just confirmed and approved the update to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich for the LTE-packing device. After initially hoping for an August release date, multiple delays, and lost hope of many the update is finally being delivered.

AT&T Pantech Discover Review

Today we have a new phone from the folks at Pantech to share with everyone. They're usually known for their low priced cheapo phones but the new and improved Pantech Discover looks to shake them of that reputation. This device comes with a 4.8-inch HD screen and more than enough power under the hood to get the job done. All of that is just $49 from AT&T too. Read on for our full rundown on why this could be one of the best budget handsets on the market.
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