HTC UH OH Protection makes sure you’ll have a One always

Exactly a year and a month ago, HTC launched its "HTC Advantage" program that aimed to reassure buyers of the HTC One that the OEM, despite not being as big as its rivals, always has their back. Despite its fancy name, it was practically a six-month warranty that would replace the smartphone in case of cracked screens or water damage. Now HTC is taking one step further by rebranding the offer as "HTC UH OH". Now the coverage extends to a whole year and it benefits even those that meticulously take care of their devices.

T-Mobile, HTC to make an announcement, could be the One M9

We're all hyped up about the HTC One M9 but we have yet to know when the smartphone will be arriving in the United States. We've heard a lot of rumors about it and seen numerous leaked photos of the unit even before its launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this month. Several demo videos have been also released telling us how we are all one while some websites have started offering it too.

New set of HTC One M9 videos tempt you into getting one

A lot of the best gadget makers sometimes pour a lot of effort (not to mention money) into creating materials like marketing campaigns, videos, even viral campaigns to make you believe that you actually need to get that smartphone or tablet or wearable right here and right now. No matter how great your gadget is, if you don't have a great campaign, sometimes it will still not sell as you would expect it.

HTC Research launches Fun Fit cutesy fitness app for Android

There are thousands of fitness apps already on the Google Play Store but only a few can be considered fun. Well, how can fitness be fun if working out makes you really exhausted? That's just the lazy me talking but there are people who actually enjoy doing daily workout. Maybe us geeks will never understand that but since there's always an app for everything, maybe this Fun Fit app by HTC will finally make you get up from the couch and finally move.

HTC One E9 might not be just the slightly ugly stepsister anymore

HTC seemed to have been starting a digital tradition that when they launch their flagship, they then release a slightly lesser mid-level version of it. We saw it with the One M8 and the One E8 that had lesser specs but also a lesser price. We thought that's what we should expect when they announced the new flagship, the HTC One M9 at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress. A One E9 will probably come along eventually. But leaks and rumors seem to indicate it will not just be a rip-off of the One M9.

SkyDragon, the first HTC One M8 custom ROM with Sense 7, Lollipop

The HTC One M8 continues to receive a lot of support from the custom ROM development community, but we think this newly-released SkyDragon ROM for the HTC One M8 deserves notable mention. The developers claim to be the first ROM to integrate the new and unreleased Sense 7 UI. They also claim to be the first Lollipop-based ROM for the One M8.

Get HTC’s BlinkFeed on your Android device, with plugins

One of HTC Sense UI’s most defining features is BlinkFeed. If you own an HTC One device then you know what we’re talking about here, and beaming with pride at the moment. For others who do not know what it is, well, you’re missing out. But maybe that gets fixed today, with these installables from our friends at XDA that should bring BlinkFeed to our non-HTC devices.

Several websites offering HTC One M9

One of the most frustrating things after an OEM has announced a brand new flagship or product is the lack of information as to its pricing and when it will be available. That's why we have to "rely" on rumors and leaks to at least give us an estimate of what we should be saving up for and how much time we have to gather our resources. HTC's new flagship, the One M9 has received rave reviews, and now some websites are showing listings of the smartphone, with pricing and availability listed.

T-Mobile’s HTC One (M7) finally receiving the sweet Lollipop

Mo Versi took to Twitter his excitement about the T-Mobile HTC One (M7)'s getting the Android 5.0 Lollipop technical approval recently. HTC's Vice-President for Product Management added that over-the-air update for the particular HTC phone will begin on Tuesday, March 10. Those who own the One(M7) from T-Mobile can now have peace of mind that the new Android platform is coming to their units after we announced that Lollipop rollout for the One M7 and M8 will be delayed a bit. Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC was honest enough to admit that they wouldn't be able meet the 90-day deadline they self-imposed for bring the Lollipop update.