DROID DNA Sense 5 update tipped for a summer arrival

Much of the recent DROID DNA talk has been focused on the topic of the HTC One. Specifically, as to whether or not the HTC One is coming to Verizon Wireless as the replacement for the now six-month old DROID DNA. Assuming you are a Verizon user that is eligible, or close to being eligible for an upgrade, those talks were probably what you wanted to hear. On the flip side though, there are plenty of DROID DNA users that are going to be tied to an agreement for quite a bit longer and that group is most likely thinking of updates.

HTC One with a larger 5-inch display coming soon

Due to being what many would consider the perfect size coming in at 4.7-inches the HTC One is a popular smartphone, but for those wanting something a little bigger, apparently that is coming too. HTC is preparing to launch a larger version of their popular HTC One, and some rumors are suggesting a display that's 5-inches or bigger to compete with Samsung's GALAXY S 4.

Verizon HTC One reality returns as DROID DNA offer pops up

Today Verizon has once again stoked the fires of possibility for an HTC One as they place the DROID DNA on a social sharing fire sale. This situation could go one of two ways - one, it's possible that the Verizon special event later this week will result in a new color option for the Samsung GALAXY S 4 before its final release in three days. Two - it could be that the DROID DNA is being essentially given away for free now allowing the carrier to make room for the fabled Verizon HTC One.

Droid DNA offer brings Verizon HTC One speculation

Talk of the Verizon HTC One seems to have been a fairly popular topic over the recent weeks. Verizon hasn't offered any announcement and HTC Director of PR Tom Harlin recently said the Droid DNA would continue to serve as the "HTC hero smartphone at Verizon." Putting that aside, Verizon Wireless has recently announced a special offer on the Droid DNA and it has once again brought back chatter about the HTC One.

Verizon HTC One rumors pushed aside as DROID DNA remains HTC hero

There has been plenty of back and forth in terms of the HTC One coming to Verizon Wireless. Well, maybe not as much back and forth as rumors. Regardless though, HTC execs had been chatting on Yahoo! earlier today and naturally, the subject of the Verizon HTC One came up. The question was posed in two parts with the first being whether Verizon will be getting a version of the One.

Verizon HTC One appears again in leaked code

The brand new flagship HTC One could very well be the best Android smartphone on the planet. Even though Samsung might have something to say about that. While the device has launched across the globe on as many carriers as possible, the big boys at Verizon Wireless passed on it. We've heard conflicting reports on whether they'll carry it or not, but recently more details have leaked worth pointing out.

HTC DROID DNA update arrives to fix SIM card error

The past week we've seen quite a bit of updates from the folks over at Verizon Wireless, and today we have another one that's hitting devices as we speak. It looks like the HTC DROID DNA is next up and Verizon and HTC are rolling an update out this week aiming to fix their "SIM card error" bug that's bothered many users.

HTC prepping new 5-inch phone to replace the Butterfly and DNA

Back in October of last year HTC announced the impressive J Butterfly as the world's first 5-inch 1920 x 1080p full HD smartphone, and so far it has been quite popular. Later launching in the US as the DROID DNA, the 5-inch size has been successful enough that HTC is already prepping their next generation and it should be "coming soon" according to reports.

HTC DROID DNA’s first update rolling out now

If you're rocking the 5-inch 1080p DROID DNA we have some good news. Earlier this week we reported that the folks from HTC have finally finished up the first update for their popular DROID smartphone. Now today we can confirm that the DNA over the air update is rolling out as we speak. More details can be found below for those interested.
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