Purchase Google digital content in India through pre-paid vouchers

Not everyone is keen on having a credit card, but the more digital we become, it is becoming more and more necessary to have a form of payment other than cash so you will be able to purchase digital content. Google has worked around the no credit card problem by offering prepaid vouchers so you will be able to buy anything from the Google Play ecosystem. The latest country to have the privilege of using this voucher to pay for their Google content is India.

Fairphone 2 is the modular phone you can get at sooner than Ara

What if you wanted to get your hands on a modular phone in a relatively shorter amount of time, rather than wait for Google’s Project Ara? Google did show a working prototype of its own modular smartphone project at Google I/O 2015, but the reality of the product going to market is still a ways off. Not so with the Fairphone 2. Not only is it modular (after a fashion), not only is it committed to non-“conflict” minerals, but you can actually get your hands on it soon.

Topeka for Android gets Material Design update

The Topeka app for Android has just received some Material Design updates. It's a special app that was launched by Android developers to work as an open source of example material design on the web. This time, the app gets another Android version. It's still the same app that demonstrates the same material design guidelines and branding--all of which can be used to create a consistent platform experience.

Google introduces Android Security Rewards program for researchers

In case you didn't know it yet, Google has been paying programmers and researchers to actually try to hack into their system and discover security vulnerabilities in order to better improve their system. In fact, they have shelled out more than $1.5 million last year alone to "reward" those who were able to find these vulnerabilities in Chrome and other Google products. Now they are introducing the same system for the Android mobile platform with their Android Security Rewards program.

YouTube Gaming is Google’s version of vicarious gaming

The social aspects of gaming have evolved quite strangely as Google itself recalls. It first started out with sharing controllers or keyboards at home, which later gave way to LAN parties and now online multiplayer, though controller sharing has also become virtual, like Sony's Share Play feature. The strange part comes from the new breed of social activity that has grown around gaming that doesn't involve playing the game at all. Let's Play videos, walkthroughs, speedruns, and the like. Google is now going to capitalize on that trend with YouTube Gaming, a corner of YouTube's world that's dedicated specifically to dethrone Twitch.

Improve life in cities through tech with Google’s Sidewalk Labs

Anyone who lives or has ever lived in a city knows that it isn't the easiest place to be in. But because of necessity or because people buy into the "romanticized" idea of it, people are still trooping to urban areas in large numbers. This has led to a lot of problems and issues, and Google believes some of them can be solved by tech. Hence, the announcement of their new company, Sidewalk Labs, which aims to improve life in the city through technology.